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Climbing frame expert help please! What to get...

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accessorizequeen Tue 08-Sep-09 22:21:21

Please could really use some help on what features we should look for in a climbing frame.

We have a budget of up to £600 to buy a wooden climbing frame primarily for ds1, who is 5.8. But want it to be modular so we can add on later when we move house and the other dc's are older. DS2 is 2.8, the dt's are 11 months, so it's got to be durable enough to see 4 children through!
We don't think we can have a swing set as there isn't quite enough clearance (recommended 1.8m) in the area we've allowed at the back of the garden. Possibly a baby swing, but that doesn't seem v.fair on the other 2! I just don't know what will get used - DS1 is v.v.keen on monkey bars, fireman's poles that much I know. Think a den-style tower would be quite good for role play games as well.
The one we're considering buying is this one, but I'm getting a bit wobbly about all this money and ds1 not liking it!

shivster1980 Wed 16-Sep-09 10:13:58

I am no help as I am umming and ahhing about play equipment for my DS who is 3.4. I also don't have that budget. I just wanted to say that that looks so cool and if I was a nearly 6yr old boy I would be well chuffed.

accessorizequeen Wed 16-Sep-09 22:55:03

Thanks, shivster. Nice to have a reply! We ended up spending a small fortune with TP. We have 4 kids so they'll get the use out of it. It's sitting in bits outside our garage waiting to go up. I bought tp because I liked the fact it was totally modular, you could just buy a little bit and then add more later on when kids get older. DS1 thrilled that there is a climbing wall, that seems one of the most exciting things.

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