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Engangement Pressie

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Ladygooga Mon 07-Sep-09 18:59:54

My sister is getting engaged the end of the month and I have absolutely no idea what to buy.

They will not be getting married til 2012 and both still live at home so can't buy anything for the house.

What can I buy? Don't want to give her money as I hate the idea of money as presents but need to make the effort to buy something for them as we've made it clear we don't like her bf but are still supporting through gritted teeth.

What shall i buy oh wise mnetter's?

FabBakerGirlIsBack Mon 07-Sep-09 19:00:50

A lovely photo frame for their engagement photo.

Why the long engagement?

Ladygooga Mon 07-Sep-09 19:03:16

because he's an arse and he's only getting engaged to my sis to keep her happy

Ladygooga Mon 07-Sep-09 19:03:49

Sorry supposed to being supportive not bitchy!

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