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cosytoes - i want one of these fancy fleece things but which one ?!

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WorzselMummage Fri 04-Sep-09 21:06:31

It's cold isn't it.. i'm turning in to my Grandmother i am sure but i blanket just isn't cutting it, Ds cannot be warm enough..

So, cosy toe/footmuff/buggy snuggle ?

It's got to go on a silver mclaren xt.

MegBusset Fri 04-Sep-09 21:15:55

Buggy Snuggles are lovely. Get 'em on eBay and save yourself a few £££.

Flutterbye Fri 04-Sep-09 21:59:25

I made one for my little one, bought fleece fabric, v. long zip. It ended up being double thickness on top and bottom. Cost about £12.

WorzselMummage Fri 04-Sep-09 22:03:36

Did you hand sew it or have a machine ?

I have never made anything like that in my life £12 sounds good though !

LadyPinkofPinkerton Fri 04-Sep-09 22:11:34

I have a Buggysnuggle. Been used for 2 DSes and its great.

saltcod Sat 05-Sep-09 07:57:55

Bought a buggy snuggle for last winter... still looks brand new despite lots of machine washing! They're nice and large and hold their price well on eBay so you can sell it on when you're done with it and get most of your money back (as long as you sell it in autumn/winter!).

missusp Tue 08-Sep-09 12:33:44

I really like the cozyosko

Really cute designs and you can use as a playmat.

I'm sure re-sale value will be pretty high too wink

onadietcokebreak Tue 08-Sep-09 12:37:25

I love my buggy snuggle so another vote for that one!

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