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seeing Jane travel systems 'in the flesh'

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Jac1973 Wed 01-Jun-05 17:32:31

Hi Ladies

I read an article here which recommended Jane products - and I'd like to see 'in the flesh' the Jane Carrera C Rebel travel system as I need to check the car seat will fit in our car (we've been having problems in this area).

Any ideas which stores stock them in the London/South east London region?



Kelly1978 Wed 01-Jun-05 17:34:02

Whereabouts are u? - I know a couple of places in Croydont that sell them.

robin3 Wed 01-Jun-05 17:38:35

Lilliput Nursery Equipment & Toys
255-259, Queenstown Rd, London, SW8 3NP
Tel: 020 7720 5554

This is where we went...there's a little carpark at the side and they will fit the car seat. Bought it from lullabies on-line but had problems with the front brakes and wished I'd had a local store to go back to.

Jac1973 Wed 01-Jun-05 17:40:59

thanks. I'm near crystal palace so croydon's ideal - please let me know where i can look.


Kelly1978 Wed 01-Jun-05 18:03:29

baby nest in west croydon sell them, as I was going to buy my jane travel system there, and they do a price match too.

Cuddles Baby Shop also sells them -

109, South End

They don't actually do a price match, btu if you tell tehm you've seen it cheaper they may offer a discount - they did for me!

Jac1973 Wed 01-Jun-05 21:20:00

nice one - thanks. Off to the shops we go again!

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