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DaddyCool Wed 01-Jun-05 12:52:36

has anyone ever noticed this?....

we go to all the posh shops first who sell really expensive toddlers shows (he's 23 months) and they have a whole selection of shoes for about £45 to £50 ... and they're all rubbish! they're hard, too narrow, ugly, cheaply made etc etc. and these are supposed to be the best shoes for your child according to them and all the so called research that goes into them.

we then wander down to the sports shop and find a really good pair of nikes that are: really well made, fit perfectly, soft and comfortable and ds absolutely loves them.... £15 (i'm talking about the '90' brand nikes cleaty things).

we also were looking for a decent pair of open toes sandals for the little guy and had the exact same problem. we ended up with a pair of adidas which cost all of £8.99!

Distel Wed 01-Jun-05 12:55:28

I couldn't afford to spend £50 on a pair of shoes for any of my children (or me or DH come to think of it!).

I go by what feels right (once their feet have been measured) and for the older two, what they say feels comfortable.

Xena Wed 01-Jun-05 12:56:04

I like addias, because they have inner soles that you can take out and they have measurements on to show where there toes should be for a good fit. Its called adi-fit

phucknuckle Wed 01-Jun-05 12:58:03

I am of the oppinion that "posh" shoes are all fitted for girls, who generally have narrower feet, whereas sports-branded shoes are fitted for boys.

I have found one pair of shoes that fit 2yo ds properly, they are in clarks, and he has to have an H fitting. And some trainers from a local sports shop, Umbro ones, that were a tenner, are perfect-fitting.

loulabelle222 Wed 01-Jun-05 15:22:25

naturino are expensive, however they fit beautifully and are lovely. However so do ds reeboks! the type of shoes just depends on your childs feet.

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