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lmccrean Tue 31-May-05 23:26:53

Anyone any recomendations for an epilator? Please help!!

gingernut Tue 31-May-05 23:29:15

you might find this thread worth a look (no recommendations though).

Have you ever used one?

essbee Tue 31-May-05 23:29:59

Message withdrawn

lmccrean Tue 31-May-05 23:37:42

doh, i did a search on epilators and that didnt come up...hmmm

yeah, that thread kinda putting me off..

Damn, any other suggestions? what about that electrolsis (sp??) with the gel pads, rather than the needles?

LottieG Wed 01-Jun-05 07:49:16

I used to love my Philips Epilady. Used it for years and it was great. Yes it hurts for the first few strokes but then you kind of go numb and it's fine. Gets easier the more you use it.

HOWEVER when I was pregnant i had to stop using it as the spots where the hairs come out which normally fade in a few hours didn't go away and looked awful. Haven't used it since dd was born as I never have the opportunity to sit down and do it, much easier to give em a quick shave in the bath.

I keep meaning to give it another go, but never let the hairs grow long enough (eeugh!).

Would definitely recommend the Epilady though (if it's still called that). They used to have a money back offer if it hurt too much!

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