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anyone used a pliko switch? are they any good?

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cancantcan Mon 31-Aug-09 07:34:54

I'm thinking of downsizing my beloved cam as it takes up my whole boot, and in fairness, I only use it once a week at most. This will prob. be less once DD is back at nursery. She is 3yo, so quite big and heavy. I only use the pushchair round town and on days out where I think she may get tired. I'm considering pliko switch as I had a pliko last year and loved it, but now she will only sit in the pushchair if it faces mummy (I do make her sit in it round town as she is a demon in the shops otherwise)

What I want to know about the pliko switch is how easy it is to steer, how small it folds, and how heavy it is. Also, does it fold parent facing without taking the seat off, as that is my current bugbear with the cameleon.

glitterstar88 Mon 31-Aug-09 14:43:15

Hi, I have a pliko switch and a bugaboo frog.
The switch folds with the seat in parent facing mode. I find it a bit heavy to steer and push especially whilst trying to hold onto DS1 (DS2 is 9months so not too big and heavy). It is quite bulky when folded. I found the pliko P3 bulky when folded too, the switch is bigger. The reason i wanted a switch is because i too wanted a pushchair which folds when it is parent facing. I also prefer the reclining seat, as I am not fond on the bucket type seat on the frog.

I used the switch in parent facing mode with DS1(3years) whilst on a day out. He is 108cm tall and weighs about 18kg. He was very cramped. Couldn't do bumper bar up over his legs, and his head was making the material on the hood stick up quite a bit. It was very heavy and awkward to push and everytime i stopped i had to put my foot on the toddler step to push it along to get going. DS1 is even more cramped in the frog, but it is so much easier to push him in it.

mummy2isla Wed 02-Sep-09 21:01:26

I wouldn't get the switch - I hated mine. Why not get a bugaboo bee, they're very light, small and fold facing you?

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