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Burnt saucepan

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Soly Fri 16-May-03 12:14:42

Help! I forgot I had put some rhubarb to cook in a saucepan and it boiled over and burnt the (very expensive) pan badly.

The inside is more or less clean but the outside is still very black - any tips on a product that might clean it would be very much appreciated.

doormat Fri 16-May-03 12:18:54

If it is a steel one put a soap powder tablet in the sink with hot water and leave pan to soak.

Throw all cutlery in at same time and that will all sparkle aswell.
P.S and your sink

eefs Fri 16-May-03 13:49:31

poor ol' Rhubarb...

Furball Fri 16-May-03 14:15:13

Rumour has it that boiling rhubarb will actually get it clean. So try another batch!

winnie1 Fri 16-May-03 14:39:46

Whilst it is not what it is for I have found Ecover laundry 'bleach'... (it's not bleach at all and as with all Ecover products doesn't harm the environment) ... very, very, good for such occassions... just leave it standing in a highly concentrated solution of ELB and water... and wipe off in a couple of hours and then rinse. It's brilliant with scrambled egg!

winnie1 Fri 16-May-03 14:40:48

Getting off the pan not as in 'eating' with ... obviously

Bobbins Fri 16-May-03 14:41:29

I do mine with oven cleaner.

Twink Fri 16-May-03 18:09:04

Or you could try using baking powder on a damp cloth, works for the inside of my cast iron casserole.

woozle Fri 16-May-03 18:53:12

Bar Keeper's friend (Lakeland and Sainsburys) is great for this, curry stains on worktops, white sinks etc

Zoe Fri 16-May-03 18:55:38

I'm sure that I saw something on This Morning that recommended a can of coke in a burnt pan situation (God knows what it does to your teeth and stomach then!)

suedonim Fri 16-May-03 19:16:46

Another tip is to cover the burnt area with dampened salt and leave overnight.

edgarcat Fri 16-May-03 19:17:42

Message withdrawn

pie Fri 16-May-03 19:44:41

I ususally find that filling with the pan with water and adding a raw onion then letting it boil for 10 minutes works.

Tigger2 Fri 16-May-03 22:14:22

Edgarcat, a woman after my own heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!

eidsvold Sat 17-May-03 10:11:45

there is a steel cookware cleaner - think it is by astonish - kind of pasty that works wonders.... I use it for all sorts of stains/burnt things on my stainless steel cookware.

Soly Mon 19-May-03 10:08:32

Thanks for all the tips - Bar Keepers friend and soaking in water did the trick and saved me £50! Well worth the effort IMO.

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