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anyone got a good deal with free texts with vodaphone pay as you go?

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ssd Sun 30-Aug-09 09:38:21

have a sony ericcson phone and a vodaphone sim

want free texts and so many minutes for a set top up every month

does anyone know if this is possible?

ssd Sun 30-Aug-09 10:08:08


WebDude Sun 30-Aug-09 10:40:50

Might be worth checking the website and see if there are any suggestions in their forum.

I tend to use Asda PAYG, which charges 8p/min for calls to mobiles/landlines and 4p/text, but I am not sending hundreds of texts a month {incidentally, Asda works on the Vodagone network, so will work in your phone too}

WebDude Sun 30-Aug-09 10:41:51

Vodagone Vodafone LOL

WebDude Sun 30-Aug-09 16:29:00

Have you checked the Freedom Packs from Vodafone ?

10 quid gets 100 minutes and 300 texts

15 quid gets 200 minutes and 600 texts

20 quid gets 300 minutes and 'unlimited' texts

(I regard offers saying 'unlimited' with suspicion - there is usually a 'fair use' limit. When O2 offered unlimited texts, they found that users with hearing problems were 'chatting' via text and exceeding 3000 text messages a month, and O2 had to use some clause about excessive use, I think.)

ssd Mon 31-Aug-09 09:12:05

thanks webdude, I'll check those out!

ssd Mon 31-Aug-09 09:17:47

typical!! I called them and its not available just now! will try later

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