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Ikea Poang child's armchair

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eeky Thu 27-Aug-09 15:51:59

Anyone got this?

DD is still very attached to her (large) bouncy chair despite being 16m! blush Mainly due to dh feeding her in it in front of tv, I'm ashamed to say. Anyway, need to get her something more grown-up, also ds arriving in next 3-4 weeks, so he will need bouncy chair at some point.

The child's poang looks comfy, is it suitable for her age do you think? Just starting to walk and good at climbing. Other thought was beanbag or those beanbag chair/sofas. She does love to recline on something like this and chill for half an hour whilst reading (if with me) or watching the Sweeney (if with dh wink

BornToFolk Thu 27-Aug-09 15:55:04

They had two of these in the cottage we stayed in on holiday and DS (then 20 months) and DN (then 26 months) both loved them. We're going to get one for DS next time we go to Ikea.

If she's not quite ready for it, she will be in a couple of months, I'm sure.

HidingFromTheDM Thu 27-Aug-09 15:56:33

My DD (20 months) has had one for about 2 months now and absolutely adores it. She sits in her chair to eat her snack or drink her milk and sits in her chair to watch FiFi. She loves it!! Definitely worth the money IMO.

pigleychez Thu 27-Aug-09 16:06:53

I think it would be ok. Or would be soon if she couldnt manage it just yet.

They also do a litte rocking chair that DD (13mths) ran over too during our trip to Ikea last night. She climbed in and started rocking, Looked like a little old lady.
We wanted to get her one but we just dont have the room for anything else!

I can vouch for the comfiness of the adult size ones anyway! We had 2 in the conservatory and got many comments.

sammysamsam Thu 27-Aug-09 23:10:43

my ds was about 18m when we got ours. he loved it! needed help to sit in it, but luckily we had it agsinst a wall and sofa so when he climbed into it it didnt knock over.. anyways, go for it, they're fab

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