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Explorer/E3 Owners .... buggy boards ...

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Millie1 Mon 30-May-05 20:01:20

Does anyone use a buggy board with their Explorer? If so, what brand and is it comfortable/easy to push the buggy (child's weight notwithstanding!) with the buggy board hooked on the back?


jennifersofia Mon 30-May-05 21:29:45

When I was considering buying an Explorer I brought my buggy board along to the shop to see if it would work. From what I could tell, it would not take a buggy board because there was not enough room for the child on the board to fit inside the handle that you push (and to have the child outside the handle would make it too awkward to push.) The main problem seemed to be that the canvas of the hood came up too far to leave enough space for the child to put their head between it and the handle. Oh dear, does this make any sense at all?
It was a few years ago too, so maybe they have changed design. Anyone with experience?

Millie1 Mon 30-May-05 21:37:30

Thanks Jennifersofia ... food for thought and maybe someone else will have something to add?!

Millie1 Tue 31-May-05 12:29:32

Bumping .... anyone??

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