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New light fittings won't hang straight ...

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Millie1 Thu 27-Aug-09 10:12:11

Have two new (ie. fitted May time) light fittings in kitchen which simply will not hang straight. They were purchased from a specialist lighting company as part of a fairly sizeable order. Because they were bought unseen and from a catalogue I can't return them. Do I have any comeback at all given that we simply can't get them straight?

To explain, they are made up of an oval shaped glass outer shade with an inner shade in a different shape which is opaque glass. You have to put outer shade on, then secure it with one of those little ring things, then put your inner shade on, secure it and then the bulb. The outer shade has a hole at the top about 2" diameter which allows the flex to slide about therefore knocking the entire thing lopsided.

We have struggled for months and I've phoned the company for advice but haven't suggested a return. Before i do so, I'm wondering whether I have a leg to stand on? grin

Apols for garbled message ... rainy day and four children squabbling and crying!


Millie1 Thu 27-Aug-09 11:01:20

Bumping ... boring I know but does anyone have any advice ... just to save me making a fool of myself on the phone blush

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