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6yr old girls

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Carameli Thu 27-Aug-09 09:56:45

DD is nearly 6 and family/friends have been asking about presents. A few have suggested

Hannah Montana sofa
Hannah Montana vanity case with lots of hair things in it.This looks lovely and right now I know she would love it. But I just wonder how long this will last and whether it might be better to get a lovely pink one also at argos and fill with glittery hair things.

I suppose its the same with the sofa will she hate it next year.
Also has anyone any experience of these inflatable tween sofas. I guess I could fill it with bean bag filling. Just wonder how strong they are?

newpup Thu 27-Aug-09 10:18:48

No idea about the sofa, sorry but my DD1 is 10 and loves Hannah Montana so would go for the vanity case if that is her thing.

However I would never buy something like a sofa with her on just in case! Dd2 is 7 and loves High School Musical, this seems to be popular until Year 5 where they seem to prefer Hannah or Camp Rock stuff.

What about an ipod or similar mp3 my DD2 had one for her birthday and loved it! There is a Hannah Montana and a HSM Ds game mine love.
Also they have had a lot of fun with a Hannah Montana dance mat.

Hope that helps!

Carameli Thu 27-Aug-09 10:33:00

thanks, Year 5 for Hannah, so my little 6yr old is getting a bit old for her age is she?? yikes. She says the head teacher reads them stories(Strict Catholic primary) so did not think it could be too bad.
I think I can cope with her a bit better than HSM

thanks for the other ideas, they seem great. The ipod/mp3 sounds a good idea, would a six year old manage one easily enough?

newpup Thu 27-Aug-09 10:56:04

Sorry did not mean to imply that at all! DD2 is going into Year 3 she is 7 and the girls in her class are really into HSM. DD1 is going into Year6 (yikes) and loves Hannah Montana as do her friends although by Year 5 most of them were not interested in HSM any more. Hope that makes sense.

DD1 is quite innocent and young for her age(which is fine by me) and still loves all her Slyvanian families actually they both love them!

DD2 had an ipod for her 7th birthday and managed it well she probably would have been fine at 6.

The things they have had the most out of are:

Slyvanian Family
Animal Hospital
Polly Pockets
Bear Factory bears and clothes

The playmobile is DD2s favourite and she will spend hours playing with it.

The HSM cheerleaders outfit had been worn to a lot of parties too!

Carameli Thu 27-Aug-09 11:07:27

no need to be sorry for anything did not think anything of it
glad for advice from someone a few years ahead in these things.

newpup Thu 27-Aug-09 11:12:10

Thanks smile I unintentionally offended someone on here the other day and am getting paranoid about doing it again. blush

Enjoy her birthday!

Carameli Thu 27-Aug-09 12:12:07

with the ipod, which one was it? shuffle and did you get speakers for her bedroom?

Karam Thu 27-Aug-09 16:21:05

The things my DD has asked for for her 6th birthday are...

* The Hannah Montana Movie
* Dressing up stuff (Hannah Montana, HSM etc)
* An ipod shuffle (with music from HSM, Hannah Montana, Camp Rock on etc..)
* Some DVDs like Cinderella and so on...
* Books, she loves Amelia Jane ones
* Gel pens and stationery etc
* Games for her DS

We have also got her tickets to see HSM2 at the theatre just after Christmas. She is having that as her surprise Xmas present.


newpup Fri 28-Aug-09 08:37:49

Dds both have the ipod nano. They are more expensive than the shuffle but they have a screen which they find fun and easy to use. A lot of their friends had shuffles for their 6/7th birthdays but soon graduated to the nano so glad we paid the extra. Although we bought them in the U.S. so slightly cheaper than here.

They do have an ipod dock for their rooms as they can listen to stories on them at bedtime.

Forgot to say we have got tickets to take DD1 to Hannah Montana's concert the day before Christmas eve as her her present. We will surprise her on the day!

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