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vodafone 527. How do I get music on to the thing?

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OrmIrian Wed 26-Aug-09 16:42:21

it was meant to act as an alternative MP3 so I could take it running and DH would stop fretting that I didn't have my phone with me. But how do I get music on to it? There isn't a USB lead. Do I have to download it all? Sorry if this is bloody obvious but I have never had a mobile that did anything more exciting than make calls and texts before this.

WebDude Fri 28-Aug-09 10:13:28

According to this page it has USB available, and can use MicroSD.

I've bought MicroSD 2 GB card on Ebay (complete with an adaptor to allow it to go into card readers for MiniSD and SD) for a few pounds.

An SD card adaptor (to USB) should cost no more than a quid at Poundland (or on Ebay, if lucky - I have a number of them now, as I have a few older PCs without any built-in card readers)

Not having the phone, don't know if there is a USB port on it (or micro USB port which is more common these days). Have checked here and Vodafone "what's in the box" mentions no USB cable.

So, sorry if no USB... it does have Bluetooth (but from a PC it might be a pain transferring files, if it's anything like I've experienced so far).

I'd suggest grabbing a cheap MicroSD card (will find the ebay seller if you want, as you will probably want it with the adaptor).

Hmmm, seeing it has FM radio, can play music, and is on Voda (so I can put a cheap Asda SIM in) I might be tempted to get one...

Oh no, they don't sell it on PAYG, so it will be a while before they appear on ebay s/h. too, as people in contracts will be using them.

Looks like the website GSM Arena has wrong info about USB. Maybe Vodafone do different models abroad, and some have USB.

Looks like the MicroSD route is the best*.

From the Vodafone website*:

Maximum memory supported 1GB

WebDude Fri 28-Aug-09 10:15:23

That 1 GB limit (still loads of music) is probably not a problem, but clearly there's no point getting a 2 GB card if the phone cannot cope with it!

WebDude Fri 28-Aug-09 10:16:58

PS would not have spotted your post (normally I look in the geeky section) except you were one of the top 10 posters shown here and saw your latest post when hovering over your name...

OrmIrian Fri 28-Aug-09 10:27:59

Thanks webdude. I thought no-one was going to answer!

It definitely has no USB cable supplied and I can't find a port for one either. I have multi-card adapter thingy - I use it for the card from my camera - is that what you mean? I can get a memory card for the phone for about a fiver - would that work instead of a micro-SD card? I did wonder about Bluetooth but there is no info about that with the phone at all.

Sorry if I seem a bit dim but I find this somewhat challenging hmm

WebDude Sat 29-Aug-09 09:56:15

The multi card reader should be fine, but the (several) different cards are quite different in size and the MicroSD is perhaps the smallest (I have been meaning to get a memory card for my Sony Ericsson, as I have had problems using the USB cable, and on bluetooth I can transfer to another phone, but not to my PC!)

I got a few different cards and adaptors together and took this photo which unfortunately is somewhat out of focus (won't bore you with how it got from phone to website!)

The MicroSD at bottom left can be slid into the MiniSD adaptor, or a full size SD adaptor, but I also put a Compact Flash and an MS Pro Duo in the photo so you'd see how tiny the one for your phone is, and none of the others would fit with some sort of adaptor!!

I took a quick look on Ebay for a moderately priced 1 GB MicroSD card and this seller seems to offer what's needed along with an adaptor so you can plug it into an SD card slot. Found a photo showing an adaptor being used, so put it online here for you, as my photo doesn't show where the MicroSD card slots in very clearly (the MiniSD adaptor has a curved edge to allow for gripping the MicroSD card, and if you look very carefully at the upped SD card there is a visible mark but far easier to see a photo than describe!)

Obviously you might see a MicroSD card (and adaptor) in somewhere like Asda or PC World, but it's down to you whether you want to pay more for the convenience of taking it straight home or buying online and getting it within a few days for under 4 quid.

(For the Sony phone I have, I just compared prices and see that the Memory Stick Micro 'M2' that I want is 12.00 + delivery on one supermarket site, and under 6 quid for just the card on Ebay, and 7.50 with an adaptor so I can put it into some card reader in the PC... So I could buy a couple of M2 cards, and just one adaptor.)

WebDude Sat 29-Aug-09 10:06:51

Should add (in case anyone else wonders) the brightness on the lower right 2 items is the reflection of the flash on the copper connectors! I think the MiniSD adaptor may have been a bit dull because it has been sitting in air for quite a while.

The MS Pro Duo cards were recent purchases at about a pound each (one of the online stores I use has 'Mad Monday' and 'Wild Wednesday' deals ( and sometimes sell off things at 89p or 99p that one might normally see at 5 to 10 quid apiece (but since there's a minimum delivery fee running to a few pounds, if I do decide to buy stuff, I buy 5+ items to have lower postal cost per item and make me feel that the 'bargain' is still one! (Have seen quite a few items being resold on Ebay afterwards, so know some of the goods were bought cheap to make a quick profit.)

OrmIrian Mon 31-Aug-09 09:57:55

Thanks so much webdude! My mulit-card reader takes micro-sd. I just checked. Off to get a memory card today.

WebDude Tue 01-Sep-09 11:00:13

Glad you saw the photo - I somehow had visions of you buying something (identical to what you might be using in a camera or somesuch) and then finding it was far too big for the phone.

As the photo shows, albeit blurred, there are a lot of different sized cards (and the photo is only showing 3 of at least 6 different card types!)

I'm certainly no memory card expert (when I bought my first digital camera, it took 3.5" floppy disks, which I considered 'state of the art' for the time, and at least I knew I'd never run out of storage, though few PCs these days even have a floppy drive, and 1.4 MB is less than one photo on 5, 7, and 10 megapixel cameras!) but happened to see some half price deal at Asda at a time when I had no internet at home (long story) and it made life easier for me to transfer music and video from a friend's PC on such memory cards)

WebDude Thu 10-Sep-09 04:17:58

You might laugh at this - photo of (what I think is a) MicroSD card shown here (in story about being faster to use a pigeon to transfer 4GB of data, than the internet)

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