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cd player for 6yr old

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Carameli Wed 26-Aug-09 07:53:50

As party of birthday present for dd going to look for a easy to use basic cd player for her room.
Had seen this Philips one at tesco

pink portable cd player

or this micro system at argos

[[ roductId=1500486941&langId=-1&engine=froogle&keyword=Pink+CD+Micro+Systempink micro system ]]

I am edging towards the portable player, thinking Philips would have a decent sound and being portable she could move it around easier or take it to the garden with friends easier(there is a summer house there she loves to play in)

Also any experience of girls and pink cd players. I think she would love it to bits and the cd player is not too bright but dh thinks she will get fed up of it.

Carameli Wed 26-Aug-09 08:52:44


roductId=1500486941&langId=-1&engine=froogle&keyword=Pink+CD+Micro+Systempink micro system

WebDude Tue 01-Sep-09 00:46:21

probably better to put an Argos catalogue number (eg 513/9361 ) as the link gave an error message.

The Argos model (number as above) can handle normal CDs and MP3s saved on CD (with MP3s you can fit perhaps 5 or more albums on one CD, though it would mean noisy sleepovers in future). Downside with Argos one (looks very similar to Philips) is that it seems to be only battery powered BICBW.
is a fiver more expensive, {sorry, not pink}, but has iPod dock too, so in 1 to 3 years it would be possible to buy her an iPod (*) and play music through the same CD/ radio unit (and if a friend has an iPod, that can be plugged in before she has her own).

(*) or if you have an iPod and she's at school, and you want music on but no earplugs

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