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Come and talk to me about reusable nappies please!!!!!

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kidcreoleandthecoconuts Tue 25-Aug-09 16:13:55

I've just found out I'm expecting number 3 and have been thinking about how to save money/do it on a budget etc as things are tight already. I'm thinking of using reusable nappies as hopefully this will save me money in the long run. I used disposables with dd and ds so i have no idea where to start really. So those of you who use reusables....which do you use? are they effective/do they leak? easy to wash/dry?
How expensive to purchase initially?
I'm thinking of buying off ebay and taking advantage of someone who has bought them with the best intentions but never used them.

acebaby Tue 25-Aug-09 18:47:21

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

we have used cloth nappies for both of ours. I'm afraid that it is tricky to recommend a particular nappy, because a lot depends on the fit. For what it's worth, we used kissaluvs size 0 at the beginning and then moved on to a mixture of bumbles and motherease one size stay dry. The one size nappies are technically suitable for a newborn, but many people find them too bulky and awkward at that stage, and move up to the one size ones at about 12 weeks or so.

The only wraps we use are the motherease air flow. To save money, and use up old towels, DH has made some replica bumbles himself for DS2!

We generally tumble dry (not very green I know...), and wash at 40 with the minimum of washing powder. You should only use vinegar to soften because softener makes the nappies less absorbant.

I'm afraid that e-bay don't allow people to sell nappies second hand anymore sad. I think you can buy them on here though, or get a sewing machine and 'reverse engineer' them if you are handy that way. Good luck - let me know if you have any questions.

4andnotout Tue 25-Aug-09 18:50:52

There is a whole section devoted to nappies in products which a general chat thread where you will get loads of advice

ilovemydogandmrobama Tue 25-Aug-09 18:56:34

There's such a range of nappies available, it's a bit like asking one has just discovered wine, what do people drink! wink

Both DD and DS started in Motherease Extra Small, and went onto Tots Bots Size 1. These both needed a wrap.

I generally use an aio (all in one) which is just like a disposable, during the day, and something rather bomb proof at night. Generally use a sized Bum Genius AIO during the day, and a Baby Beehind Bamboo with a wrap at night, or a Tots Bots Flexitot.

Haven't had a leak...

The used nappy sites are:

BaronConker Tue 25-Aug-09 19:09:48

We are lovely on the cloth nappies chat thread, but if you really want to save money, it would be wise not to hang out on there too often - I've spent a fortune on nappies since I joined in!
My recommendations for good, sensible and not-too-pricey nappies would be tots bots cotton or bamboozles, or motherease sandy's. Tots come in size 1s and 2s, and Sandy's in small, medium and large. Both need wraps over the top and both companies do nice, reliable wraps. I'd buy the small ones and see how you go, then sell them on to fund buying size 2s. Well worth checking out thenappysite, clothnappytree and on here for preloved bargains and giving them a try.

kidcreoleandthecoconuts Wed 26-Aug-09 10:11:04

Thanks for all the replies! smile
I wasn't planning on getting used nappies. I've seen on ebay new reusables for sale from people who have planned to use them but didnt for one reason or another. There are some Tots Bots for auction that I've been looking at. How many nappies am I likely to need?

hophophippidtyhop Wed 26-Aug-09 22:30:16

A handy tip - you can use bold two in one powder which leaves the nappies softer without affecting their absorbancy. Also don't soak pul wraps in vinegar as this makes them less waterproof. Check with your local council as many offer a trial pack or money towards nappies.
Visit the cloth nappies board, there's loads of information there. Have a look at has an informative section all about cloth, is good too. Two parters are best for newborns, I used sandys as well.

trellism Wed 26-Aug-09 22:35:29

I've found the cloth nappy users on mnet to be very helpful and motivating.

I also had a lovely experience on the Nappy Lady's website ( I think). You give your requirements and someone contacts you with some recommendations and a suggested shopping basket.

amicissima Wed 16-Sep-09 21:30:49

I'm a total cloth nappy convert having used disposibles for DC1 and terries for DC2. The terries were MUCH better.

I used plain terry squares, second hand ones. I paid about £10 for 24, which was plenty. I sold them for £5 when I'd finished with them.

I found nappy 'origami' in various books - there are lots of websites if you Google. You need different folds at different ages.

I also used waterproof pants, but left them off some of the time at home, for ventilation, and disposible liners - I found the rolls best so I could cut off a small piece.

When changing I would shake any 'solid' into the loo, collect a day-or-two's liner pieces in a smelly bag, and put the terries in a bucket with soaking solution. It would take two days' worth, then I chucked the whole lot in the washing machine and put it on rinse cycle. Even if the nappies came out stained, after an hour or so on the washing line, or on an airer in front of the window, they turned white.

I took smelly bags to bring used nappies home in when I was out.

Written down, it seems quite complicated, but, having used both, I found buying and carrying disposibles, in the right sizes and quantities, just as much hassle, and as for a bin-full of used nappies - yeuk!

An unexpected bonus was that DS was out of nappies very early - I think he was very much in touch with what was happening round the bum area. Modern nappies seem confusingly dry when they're wet IYSWIM.

elkiedee Sun 20-Sep-09 00:55:07

I'm also a complete beginner on this, it's taken me until DS2 was 7 months to start trying to use them, so I can't advise on which are best, but I have a couple of suggestions in terms of saving money.

I replied to a post on Freecycle offering some and was lucky enough to be picked - I've seen a few but this was offering slightly bigger nappies so the giver chose a couple of us with babies who were a few months old as they're much too big for newborns.

Depending on where you live, some local councils participate in voucher schemes where you get some money towards real nappies - usually £30-£50 - it's a bit fiddly paperwork wise. Only trouble is that you have to post off various evidence to get the voucher and then you have to post the voucher and more proof of who you are if you're shopping for nappies online. Since the postal strike I've received very little post in the last couple of weeks and don't know when I'll get stuff.

Several nappy retailers offer lots of great advice online on what different types of nappies are. I've been using two part nappies from Freecycle, with a shaped cloth part and plasticy wraps that go over them. My baby's current nappies and wraps are all white or cream and I wash them at 40 cotton cycle with other stuff of a similar colour -mostly babygros and toddler tshirts and so far even the poo has come out pretty well.

Wraps mostly dry very fast and the nappies dry ok so long as we have decent drying weather, usually outside - we'll find it more difficult in winter I guess. I'm mixing cloth and disposables.

I use the carrier bags picked up from shopping and the supermarket that are least useful for anything else, or nappy bags, for putting wet/dirty nappies in when out.

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