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Long shot but desperate to get hold of this baby book if I can - HELP!

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Gobbledigook Sun 29-May-05 20:14:34

Ds1 and ds2 have the same baby record book but I cannot get it for ds3.

It's called The First Five Years - A Childs Record Book and Keepsake. It's by Dorling Kindersley and I've searched on the net but cannot find it anywhere.

Anyone know where I can get one? Perhaps someone in the US can get it there? Maybe someone has one they never filled out and don't mind parting with?

A long shot I know...

lunavix Sun 29-May-05 20:19:07

I'm sure I've seen it in toysrus.. might be one with the same name?

Failing that amazon

lunavix Sun 29-May-05 20:19:45

think you may need to contact the seller price is a little steep!

kama Sun 29-May-05 20:21:29

Message withdrawn

kama Sun 29-May-05 20:21:55

Message withdrawn

gingernut Sun 29-May-05 20:22:28

I'm sure I saw this in a shop when I was looking for one for ds2. Shop was Bookends in Wokingham - anywhere near you? It was several months ago now though.

Gobbledigook Sun 29-May-05 20:36:46

OMG! Almost 60 smackers for a used version!? HEEEEELP!!

Janh Sun 29-May-05 20:37:39

Have you tried contacting DK direct, GDG?

Gobbledigook Sun 29-May-05 20:41:27

I've been on to their website JanH but it doesn't seem to have it on there either.

Janh Sun 29-May-05 20:57:45

You could email them? They might have one tucked away somewhere...worth a shot.

Gobbledigook Sun 29-May-05 20:58:30

Do you think so? Hmmm, like you say, nothing to lose - will do it now! Thanks!

Oh you are good at this JanH - still loving my Miele!!

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