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Boys Lazy Town pants

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mumtoted Sun 23-Aug-09 18:57:28

My ds is showing signs of being interested in potty training.
He loves Sportacus so thought that Lazy Town pants might encourage him. I know i can gat them on the internet but would like to go and buy some tomorrow and have a bash while the weather is good and we can go in the garden.
Anybody know what shops i should look in? Thankyou.

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Sun 23-Aug-09 19:00:47

Asda do them and so do Mothercare. I've bought the very same thing from both.

mumtoted Sun 23-Aug-09 19:04:33

Thanks for that. There is a Mothercare near me so i will try there in the morning.

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Sun 23-Aug-09 20:41:10

Beware I got conned by ds into the matching socks as well they had loads of stuff in my Mothercare.

TheChilliMooseTalksNonsense Sun 23-Aug-09 20:45:50

We got ours in Asda.

TheChilliMooseTalksNonsense Sun 23-Aug-09 20:46:57

If I were you, I would buy the next size up. My son is in 2-3 trousers, and although the 2-3 pants fit, he finds the 3-4 much easier to pull up and down, which saves valuable seconds when he needs the loo.

mumtoted Sun 23-Aug-09 20:54:40

Thanks for the top tip Chilli. I seem to remember from dd that (Tesco) age 2-3 were really tiny. Will def get 3-4 now.
There isn't an Asda near me unfortunately.
So now any top tips for training boys?
He's quite happy sitting on the loo (but hasn't done anything on it). He ran around the garden today with just a tshirt on, weeing all over the place.
He did a wee on the potty tonight before his bath.
Do i leave him with no pants on or put pants on him so he feels wet and is aware of when he's weed?

TheChilliMooseTalksNonsense Sun 23-Aug-09 21:01:01

We're only just in the middle of it, so I can't offer too much advice. We tried it with pants on, but didn't get far, so spent several days with no pants or trousers and mostly in the garden. That went a lot better so we are just starting with pants on now.
Today he has stood up to wee in the loo three time and done a poo in the potty and I am so pleased grin I finally feel like we are getting somewhere.
He won't wee in a normal little potty, though, and will only use the toilet (with one of these and a little plastic step) or one of these potty chairs.

mumtoted Sun 23-Aug-09 21:14:55

Well it sounds like you're doing well. Yes we have a seat like that for the loo. He hasn't done a poo tonight and I'm wondering if he's going to be one of those hold it all in til you put the nappy on types.
I'll try the pants on option to see but quite happy to do without in the garden. Oh joy!
Good luck tomorrow!

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