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has anyone bought a Doomoo seat!

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Chickyboo Sun 29-May-05 06:41:05

I've just seen a brilliant little sofa chair with a harness on Doomoo
Has anyone used it?

angelp Sun 29-May-05 06:44:16

Link didn't work?

Chickyboo Sun 29-May-05 06:53:21

Yeah sorry I'll try again here but you'll have to search its under beanbags

bobbybob Sun 29-May-05 08:06:49

It looks cosy, but 84 quid?

Yorkiegirl Sun 29-May-05 08:16:17

Message withdrawn

starlover Sun 29-May-05 09:51:30

i got ds a beanbag from jojomamanbebe
it's fab although not shaped like the doomoo... doesn't have harness either... but he's never fallen off!

Karenn Sun 29-May-05 12:35:42

We bought one of these. I must admit i was a bit reluctant at first, but what a great seat. You have a baby seat with a harness. When your little one gets older you can unzip the baby seat and zip on a seat without the harness (also supplied). So it should last for years. The base is a tough material so you can use it in the garden and the best bit is how comfy the seat is. Inside there are tiny little balls so the seat just moulds to give the best support to your baby (mine always falls asleep). We have the Red/Green one (the one with the little girl with the legs in the air).


Chickyboo Mon 30-May-05 15:12:15

Yeah it is expensive but I thought it would be great for dd's room. She has never fallen asleep outside of cot so hoping a nice comfy chair would encourage her to be more flexible

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