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Well, I want one of these... can't decide which colour though...

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tiddlypom Sat 28-May-05 22:58:43

Have a look at this - £159 though!

Fabulous concept - would be great for schools, too. Feed the pig, get the compost.

kama Sat 28-May-05 23:00:16

Message withdrawn

expatinscotland Sat 28-May-05 23:01:08

Orange! Funky and retro!

tiddlypom Sat 28-May-05 23:01:27

I thought piggy pink...

stitch Sat 28-May-05 23:01:53

lovely. but pricey i think.

tiffini Sat 28-May-05 23:02:09

I like the orange one too.

jampots Sat 28-May-05 23:02:23

i voted pink too

Milliways Sat 28-May-05 23:02:58

Deffo Pink. Love they way you empty it!

tiddlypom Sat 28-May-05 23:07:21

Maybe I could justify buying it as investment in a garden sculpture...

hunkermunker Sat 28-May-05 23:09:19

I like the orange one best, I think. I love this idea! Oink!

Flossam Sat 28-May-05 23:11:25

pink. its supposed to be a pig? the orange one looks jaundiced and the yellow one is obviously a smoker!

tiddlypom Sat 28-May-05 23:11:50

How about an MN competition to win one? Pleeeaaase...

hunkermunker Sat 28-May-05 23:11:51

PMSL - I forgot pigs were pink

hunkermunker Sat 28-May-05 23:12:07

Tiddlypom - what a fab idea!

Flossam Sat 28-May-05 23:13:19

pregnancy brain huh?!!!

hunkermunker Sat 28-May-05 23:14:24

Must be, Flossam... I just thought "Ooh, orange, I like orange" then wondered why anyone would want a pink pig in their garden. I have totally lost it, obviously!

Flossam Sat 28-May-05 23:22:37

Well it would seem that way.... Or,of course, maybe, just maybe, it could be a difference of a little thing called opinion!

BadHair Sat 28-May-05 23:36:04

Pink definitely. Is it worth the price though? Could you not just customise an old bin or something?

tiddlypom Sun 29-May-05 23:24:19

Nah, course it's not worth the price...goes against all the eco-principles to spend that kind of money...doesn't stop me wanting it though. And I have been wanting to add a tumbler to my already extensive composting repertoire...and dd would LOVE it. Sigh.

csa Mon 30-May-05 09:48:42

tiddlypom, know what you mean. want one too. but for £159, no way am i going to put my compost in it. maybe like you say - a garden sculpture instead

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