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NICE bedroom storage for dds' bedroom - any recommendations?

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TheBolter Thu 20-Aug-09 19:59:14

Have looked at Aspace and GLT. Thinking of settling for a GLT blanket box, but it's not massively cheap.

Has anyone got any nice storage ideas? Our house is old and the girl's bedroom is quite quaint - two big Georgian windows, fireplace etc... so I'm looking for something a pale colour (white or cream pref). No brights or plastic (sorry if I sound a bit poncey). Pastels if any fabric involved...

Has to be about a metre across, doesn't have to be a blanket box, just has to be something in which I can put the wave of crap that will at this rate soon be spreading onto the landing.

Thanks in advance!

Mousey84 Thu 20-Aug-09 20:19:03

Personally, I wouldnt recommend blanket boxes...too hard to get at things at the bottom.

What sort of toys are you looking to store? board games? Soft toys? random playsets with a zillion little pieces?

I bought (admittedly, not the nicest looking) Trofast boxes and swap toys around regularly. The boxes are stowed away out of sight and only a few toys are left out on the top of the chest of drawers and bookshelves. (well, in theory thats where they are. In reality they are on the floor, under the bed, in the bathroom hmm

Heated Thu 20-Aug-09 20:28:10

I want this for dd's bedroom - shame it's in the US & would cost a fortune to have sent over.

TheBolter Thu 20-Aug-09 20:40:22

smile Thanks, Mousey. I like the look of Trofast, and am considering it. Looking to store <<gulps, then whispers...>> Barbie bits n bobs, plastic dinosaurs, Thomas trucks and metal cars, bits of track. Plastic must-have magazine freebies. Long-deflated rubbery things that have long hairs on them. You know, all the little essentials.

TheBolter Thu 20-Aug-09 20:41:23

Oh, Heated that is divine. Fortunately my windows almost reach the floor, otherwise I would be hankering after that. <<swoon>>

difficultdecision Fri 21-Aug-09 14:02:59

TheBolter, I wasn't keen on trofast at first but it looks and has been brilliant. When you look in the store with the rest of the bright plastic stuff it can be a bit overwhelming but actuall in place in the room I love how it looks.

We have too of these frames next to each other looking a bit like this but with blue large boxes on the bottom rungs(which we quite like as it adds a bit of brightness to an otherwise plain room).

The higher boxes are for things that don't get used often (we have winter clothes in ours for example) and the lower ones are for toys as they can easily be reached).

Habbibu Fri 21-Aug-09 14:21:57

We are getting this for dd's room - you can get doors, drawers or lidded boxes for the shelves - dd's toys downstairs are in the boxes in a big version in the dining room, and it's been a godsend.

TheBolter Sat 22-Aug-09 14:10:27

Habbibu and difficult, thanks for your advice!

I have gone and ordered the GLT blanket box. Think I'll buy some Ikea plastic boxes to put in it, so things are more organised.

Quite excited now! (saddo emoticon)

EverybodyNeedsABosomForAPillow Sat 22-Aug-09 14:29:23

I think Verbaudet has some gorgeous girls' storage things.
3 boxes/shelves
6 box shelf
Similar in grey/pink
Loads of nice shelves for the wall too.

GypsyMoth Sat 22-Aug-09 14:30:54

sainsburys online had some storage options....

TheBolter Sat 22-Aug-09 17:41:34

Oh no why didn't I see Verdbaudet. Oh well.

TheBolter Sat 22-Aug-09 17:44:28

Oh no, and that Sainsburys white wooden toy chest is much better value too... and really nice. Oh pooey.

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