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Ikea Poang chairs AKA Bentwood

(6 Posts)
fairydust Sat 28-May-05 08:57:04

Has anyone got one of these chairs?
How do the covers wash??

cod Sat 28-May-05 09:29:30

Message withdrawn

Hausfrau Sat 28-May-05 19:52:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Miaou Sat 28-May-05 20:14:37

Yup, we've got two with pale yellow covers (what WERE we thinking of?!?! ) and I have washed the covers about three or four times now. They come up really well, bit fiddly to get back on, but they have not shrunk or altered shape at all.

Jbck Mon 30-May-05 21:41:15

I have 2 in the cream & they wash great. they are very fiddly tho' to get back on as Miaou says

Jac1973 Wed 01-Jun-05 17:37:07

Would they be suitable/comfy for breastfeeding in?

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