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Rant and request for advice on where to go please!!

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Flossam Fri 27-May-05 19:56:07

Ok, we ordered weeks ago a table and chairs and a wardrobe for DS. Week one, attempted delivery, no buzzer heard. No goods obvoiusly. Week 2, van apparently broke down. They phoned me to tell me at the end of the day after I had waited in all day. Week 3 (today) attempted delivery again. Rubbish. One of us has been up and in all day. No card, no phone call. Rang up courier very cross, apologised, said they would interview driver on Tues. Rang company and they agreed to contact courier to urge for speedier delivery than next friday. Then Courier rings again to tell me that both my items are now damaged and will have to be returned to the warehouse and replaced, which comes with another 4 week wait. Don't know how it happened. I asked if it would have anything to do with loading and unloading it off a van 3 times and they said yes probably.

Basically I am going to cancel the order. DP insisted on a table I wasn't too keen on, thought a round one would look better, and now people have seen the flat they all agree that it would look better. Not to worried about a wardrobe for DS just now, we are managing. But I am weaning him and getting a bad back trying to feed him from the sofa as nowhere else to feed him.

So does anyone have anywhere good to go and buy a not too expensive table and chair set and maybe a wardrobe too? The company was Kay's and Index and Argos don't have anything I like, not that I'm fussy! Somewhere where we might be able to take prompt delivery would be lovely!

Whizzz Fri 27-May-05 19:57:15

Ikea ?

SoupDragon Fri 27-May-05 19:57:57

Um... Ikea?

Whizzz Fri 27-May-05 19:58:07

We are actually selling our Ikea table & folding chairs on Ebay at the mo !

Whizzz Fri 27-May-05 19:58:30

Sorry - that wasn't meant to sound like an ad !

Flossam Fri 27-May-05 20:11:48

Does Ikea have more in the shops than they do online? I haven't been to one in years! The stuff online always looks a bit odd too. I had forgotten about that place a bit though!

Flossam Sat 28-May-05 09:37:27

Jusp bumping to see if anyone knows if Ikea's in store range is bigger please?

jampots Sat 28-May-05 09:48:15

yes much bigger instore - some things are nice and others are not so nice - same as everywhere really. But they have excellent storage solutions

Flossam Sat 28-May-05 10:16:00

Thanks Jampots!

stitch Sat 28-May-05 10:54:40

its nice to see someone who hasnt got a house full of ikea.
funny, but i would have thought of ikea as first port of call. then somewhere nicer.
habitat do lovely stuff. as do john lewis. but pricier than ikea

Flossam Sat 28-May-05 18:01:27

We are on an icredibly tight budget. Coming to end of mat leave, need I say more?

tillykins Sat 28-May-05 18:06:36

I think you should ask for some compensation from Kays!

Flossam Sat 28-May-05 19:49:39

Well I've written a letter, along the vein of I was happy with the service I had had with Kays, but was appalled at their delivery complany and don't feel able to be using them again. Finished with how I hope they resolve the problem they have with the courier for the sake of their other customers. I will see where that gets me and how it is treated first.

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