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Where can you buy this..

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kid Fri 27-May-05 16:41:04


Somebody I know was recommended one but can't find where they are sold. So if anyone here on Mumsnet know, she'd appreiciate it.

Gwenick Fri 27-May-05 16:45:55

Had a google - and can't find anywhere - it would appear that you can order from that website - in the FAQ's it says to email for international shipping rates...

kid Fri 27-May-05 16:48:52

Not sure how much my friend wanted to pay though, think she was hoping to get it in the UK and save money on postage.

SoupDragon Fri 27-May-05 16:50:28

Er... get a towel, wrap it round your child's chest and hold at the back!

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