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Help - need a Pressure Fit Stair Gate ...

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Millie1 Mon 17-Aug-09 11:29:42

Sounds simple? It isn't! Do not want to fit with screws so looking for the perfect pressure fit gate. The width of stairs at base of gate is 90cm but at top of gate fitting is 94cm. Several companies do extensions for their regular size stair gates. Lindam's website says than when you use their gates with extensions, you must fix cups to walls/stairs so not what we're after. Then I rang BabyDan who say you don't need to use a screw fitting BUT because there is such a difference between top/bottom of gates with our skirting, we'd need to attach a baton to the wall to fix the top to.

Any suggestions please?


claireybee Mon 17-Aug-09 11:39:24

Don't get a babydan one, we have one and it constantly falls down.

Our lindam one is very good though (it came with sticky pads for the cups as well as screws, is that any good for you?)

BertieBotts Mon 17-Aug-09 11:41:41

At the top though you really need a screwfit one because you don't want a trip hazard at the top of the stairs!

Millie1 Mon 17-Aug-09 11:51:15

Sorry BertieBotts ... I'm confusing you I think. We already have a gate fitted at the top of the stairs but now need to fit one at the bottom. That is where there is the difference in measurements between top and bottom of where the gate will actually fit the wall.

Claireybee ... am trying to ring Lindam at the moment to quiz them in person (!) but they're permanently engaged.

whingingDailyHateMail Mon 17-Aug-09 22:22:09

I have a tippitoes one that is self closing, best one out of the 4 gates in our house! We had to put a baton on the wall for our bottom of stairs gate too - the skirting board/banister was a PITA.

We got some gates from kiddicare, and some from here, they have a wide selection if you need something a bit different. Our babydan gate was a nightmare to fit and it causes swearing on a regular basisgrin

stairsfor1 Wed 09-Sep-09 01:37:44

Hello Millie1 , have you been able to find the gates you needed - you could try stairgatesafety(dot)com, they have great info on all kinds of stair gates and at great prices too . cheers

bubble2bubble Wed 09-Sep-09 16:03:24

We had a Lindam one - it was flimsy,fell down all the time and eventually went in the bin. Replaced it with the Bettacare autclose which is EXCELLENT. We have quite oddly shaped stairs but there seems to be plenty of room for adjustment and its dead easy to fit

Got it here [[]] and they seemed to know what they were talking about

Millie1 Wed 09-Sep-09 16:28:50

We bought a Lindam Easy Fit wood & metal gate. It is absolutely fantastic and I'd highly recommend it. we didn't use the cups to fit it - it's fine with the pressure fittings. DT's haven't pulled it down yet and despite lots of rough treatment from DS's it's still solid as a rock. Thanks for the replies though grin.

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