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Outdoor Play Equipment

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lisaj Wed 14-May-03 09:40:23

We currently have a few bits and pieces outside eg single swing, small slide and see-saw, but now dd (17 months) and ds (4) play outside a lot more, we were thinking about getting some bigger play equipment. We thought maybe a double swing or something similar, as we need both a nursery swing seat, as well as an ordinary one. The TP range looked quite good. Grateful for any recommendations.

Frenchgirl Wed 14-May-03 09:49:29

We got a nice reasonably big slide from the TP range and dd loves it. It is solid and not too ugly, but dh needed neighbour's help to put it together.... dh not very good at diy...
Also found that you can add bits as you go along with a lot of their stuff.
good luck and have fun in the garden

SueW Wed 14-May-03 10:41:12

We've got a TP climbing frame - the hexagonal one - with a slide attached which is very popular.

Aethetically, I think if choosing now I'd go for the wider range of wooden equipment.

Aquaslides (also by TP) go down extremely well during summer time - tuck it under the end of the slide, get out the hose and it keeps the children occupied for hours!

123hoepla Thu 19-Jul-18 13:13:17

Be carefull what you buy, we bought a wickey climbing frame/swing and slide, "easy self assembly". you to have to measure and drill 200 odd holes in 60 odd planks of wood, measuring where each screw hole goes as nothing is marked. so we have two disappointed grand children and a pile of wood. Plus they take no responsibility if you assemble it wrongly and something happens. So beware.

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