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Anyone used Bio Oil to reduce appearance of scars?

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shivermetimbers Wed 12-Aug-09 22:46:59

Does it work? If not , can anyone recommend something that does.

titferbrains Wed 12-Aug-09 23:14:49

there are beauty sites I've used to get reviews of bio oil, google bio-oil review.

I'm using it currently on my DD who recently had one kidney removed - as recommended by my very experienced community nurse. Note that you are supposed to do use it a couple of times a day for 3 months to see a difference. I think it's good to massage new scars also to avoid them going keloid.

DD's scar seems to be softening and is very neat.

BigGobMum Wed 12-Aug-09 23:43:34

Yes I have used it on operation scars and dont think there has been any improvement sad

shivermetimbers Thu 13-Aug-09 11:02:33

Thanks. Wanted to use it on my daughter as she has many scars from small cuts that she picks and picks until they become huge scabs which, when they eventually heal, leave ugly scars. I am concerned that when she goes up to secondary school in september they will notice them and think the worst.

OhBling Thu 13-Aug-09 11:06:02

I have used it on more than one occassion and it's fantastic stuff. You do need to use it regularly and for a long time for it to have an impact. I also got some for DN after he had an accident on his hand and he has been amazed how much difference it has made.

Like anything, I think it works better on younger skin as it heals better anyway. Certainly my scars that I used it on as a teenager/early 20s seem to have responded better than the ones I used it on in my early 30s.

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