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Can anyone recommed a playpen?

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Warwickmum Tue 11-Aug-09 14:24:37

Hi, am currently trying to decide which playpen to get but feel bit swamped by the choice. Have seen a 'Playden' playpen that opens out flat and seems quite good, but thinking that may be hard to move around house? Has anyone got any advice/suggestions for a good one?
Many thanks.

Warwickmum Tue 11-Aug-09 14:26:28

"recommend" even and that still doesn't look like the right spelling!!??

Didylicious Wed 12-Aug-09 10:59:50

We have used the babydan babyden for all our kids - it still looks good as new - it's heavy / sturdy - not something you're going to move from room to room all that easily - but it is BIG and the bars are useful when baby wants to walk and gives a good view of the room.

The gate that opens is handy if you get a bad back (from bending and lifting a chunky toddler) and getting the playtent extends the value of the product (and saves having to buy a seperate playhouse).

There have been some awesome deals on eBay from time to time - the babyden with the playtent included for about £70! Keep your eyes open.

A small light and portable one would probably be the graco sport olympic - but apparently it's very small for a playpen.

There is a bit of a fashion for NOT using playpens at all, and just babyproofing your home - but I find mine very useful - for short periods of time to keep baby safe.

Warwickmum Wed 12-Aug-09 12:09:05

Thanks very much Didylicious - am sure will get one as other wise I am likely to die of stress!!! Despite trying to baby proof I do want to know he is safe when I run out to the loo!! Especially as hurt back and trying to minimise going up and down stairs with him at the mo!

berri Wed 12-Aug-09 13:29:27

Another vote for the babydan - just got one from ebay so it's worth having a look on there if you don't mind second hand. I got one with the tent included, plus wall fittings, for £65 - woo woo.

The main reason we got it was that you can use it as a room divider, so saves you buying both. As Didylicious said the door will also be useful.

Even though our baby is still a little small for it, the mat which comes with it is already coming in handy for him to roll around on on the floor!

strawberrybubbles Sat 15-Aug-09 19:28:23

Yep you cant go wrong with the babyden

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