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Maxi Cosi Easybase & Ford Focus Shenanigans!

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earplugs Tue 11-Aug-09 10:03:42

I'm confused blush,

Does anyone use the Maxi Cosi EasyBase (non isofix) in a Ford Focus 2005 model?

According to the Maxi Cosi website, it it suitable but have been to Mothercare who tried it and said it didn't fit correctly!?!

Bloke in Halfords tried it and said it was fine hmm

Want to buy it from Tesco direct using clubcard vouchers but am now confused over whom to believe?

What do you think?

SweetApril Tue 11-Aug-09 13:45:12

Can't help, I'm afraid but this link might help, especially if you are anywhere near Essex.

earplugs Tue 11-Aug-09 16:22:44

Thanks SweetApril, that sounds brilliant. I'm prob about an hour away from there but will give them a call to see if they know the answer! Many Thanks!

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