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MN jury: which toddler bed shall I get for DS1? You decide!

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MegBusset Mon 10-Aug-09 20:54:07

Time to order a toddler bed for DS1 (2.6).

Can't decide between this Thomas bed which seems massively overpriced and probably crap quality but which DS1 will undoubtedly love (and has benefit of under-bed storage0;

or this probably higher quality bedstead at half the price.

Any opinions welcome...

deepdarkwood Mon 10-Aug-09 20:56:41

JL one every time - Thomas one will fall apart and he may well move onto something else in a few months anyhow.

But you do know everyone's going to tell you not to bother with a toddler bed don't you smile

MegBusset Mon 10-Aug-09 21:02:28

I do know that but room is v small so toddler bed would fit better for now!

Sidge Mon 10-Aug-09 21:15:09

Go for the JL one - at least you know it will be decent quality, free delivery and they will bring it when they say they will.

Mothercare leave a lot to be desired IMO and the bed will probably be gimmicky flimsy crap.

Buy the nice neutral plain bed then buy a Thomas duvet cover and curtains!

notsoteenagemum Mon 10-Aug-09 21:19:59

It depends how long you want it to last for, if you don't mind buying a new one when he gets fed up of Thomas.
The other one is nice but quite cot like.
I don't like the sides on either one though makes snuggles to hard and also he might think they are a bit babyish when he gets to four.
We bought the mammut toddler bed from Ikea for ds he's still in it at nearly five and theres plenty of room for us both to lie on it for a story. He too has a small room so I am putting off a full size bed as long as possible.

MegBusset Mon 10-Aug-09 21:26:20

When DS1 is 4 we will get him a single bed anyway so DS2 (who'll be 2 then) can go into the toddler bed. Or maybe we'll just put them straight into a bunk bed.

I like the logic of being able to replace the character bedding rather than buy a whole new bed

mrspnut Mon 10-Aug-09 21:28:42

We have the JL one in beech and it's standing up very well to the rigours of a toddler. We've had it 18 months so far and it still looks like new.

I'm hoping it'll last for another 2 years before we have to get a proper bed because her next one will have to be a high sleeper.

PerArduaAdNauseum Mon 10-Aug-09 21:31:10

Get a real bed and store lots of stuff under it to make the room seem bigger


dinkystinky Mon 10-Aug-09 21:32:24

We got the JL one in pine - DS has had it nearly a year now and loves it. He should be able to fit into it until he's nearly 5 (and will then pass it on to DS2) and he's fairly tall for his age.

MegBusset Mon 10-Aug-09 21:37:48

Sounds like a resounding victory for the JL bed then (aside from those of you who think I'm mental for not getting a single bed wink)

bran Mon 10-Aug-09 21:42:21

We had the beech version of that JL bed too. DS only moved into a full sized bed just before he turned 5. The bed is still in great condition so we are saving it for DD.

PerArduaAdNauseum Mon 10-Aug-09 21:49:05

<Mentalist. Tuh.> wink

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