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Calendar starting from NOW?

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oysterpots Mon 10-Aug-09 19:29:35

I made the mistake of buying a desk diary instead of a calendar for the first time this year and am desperately in need of something to replace it with - I need to see a month, not a week!

Where can I get a really plain, basic calendar which starts mid-year?

Have just spied this one on amazon which says it's 17 months... but which months are they??

goldrock Mon 10-Aug-09 19:36:43

I have the one which comes up second on your link - Mums family calendar, and it runs Sep - Dec the following year. Its fine for me, it has big enough spaces to right in most stuff I need. Its my first year with it and I don't know what to do for a second one as you end up with a duplicate months Sep-Dec each year iyswim.
I am going to try an organised mum diary (recommended on other threads) and a cheapie wall calendar this year as I think something I can carry aound might work better for me.

PerfectPrefect Mon 10-Aug-09 19:38:06

I bought the Charlie and lola 17/18m planner last year and it ran from Aug08-Dec09

oysterpots Mon 10-Aug-09 19:42:01

brilliant, thanks so much - you've saved us!

what's so good about the organised mum ones goldrock?

TheGashlycrumbTinies Mon 10-Aug-09 19:46:56

Also the Dodo Acad Pad, it is a diary organiser type thingy with 5 columns for each day and a week per page. We have used these every year since DD1 started school.

goldrock Mon 10-Aug-09 19:47:59

I don't know yet but I've seen so many previous threads about how wonderful they are that I thought I'd try one. The only drawback is that they are £12.99 for the diary so it better be fantastic.
I think they are supposed to be able to do everything in one place - lots of columns, shopping lists, meal planners etc which would help me as I end up with lots of different bits of paper usually and something that allows you to keep a track of recurring weekly things so you don't need to write it down 52 times.

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