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Lifat pick-up buggy board with Quinny Zapp?

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Hangingbellyofbabylon Mon 10-Aug-09 11:17:18

anyone tried this combo? can't find info on-line to see if it fits and I know the zapp is a bit of a funny shape so don't want to spend the money if it won't work.


lecohen Mon 10-Aug-09 22:47:35

Hiya, I really don't see this being a good combo at all because of the short handles on zapp and how far the Litaf sticks out...also, the Litaf board IMO is very poor quality.

Hangingbellyofbabylon Mon 10-Aug-09 23:29:48

thanks, I really need a seated board though as dd is disabled and could sit ok for short distances but probably too tired to stand. I'll have to have a think, trying to avoid getting double buggy out for the 200 or so metres between the car and playgroup!

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