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Help me find knickers for sturdy 6yo DD - none fit!

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Shitemum Mon 10-Aug-09 01:00:51

DD1 is not over-weight but she is curvy and has good thighs on her. She is tall and usually wears clothes for 7-8 yos or 9-10 yos.

In fact I went straight to the womens underwear section of BHS this week thinking we'd be better off with a size 8 for women...

Ended up buying bikini style for 152cm tall, she's 120cm. They dont fit...and neither do the John Lewis ones i got last week.

They all seem to be really skimpy in the cut and too short or too high in the rise...


FluffyBunnyGoneBad Mon 10-Aug-09 01:35:39

I would have never forgiven my mum if she had written this for the whole of the world to see (sigh)

have you tried next? IIRC, they go up to age 14.

gigglewitch Mon 10-Aug-09 02:09:30

we've gone for the 'shorts' variety for dd, in the next size up from her age iyswim, I have done a huuge stock-up from ASDA [wow] and they are fantastic. plenty room for chunky legs and no vanishing up the bum crack - tis a joy to see a daughter in comfy knickers at last!!

MegGriffin Mon 10-Aug-09 19:27:54

My Dd is 6 and quite stocky and I recently bought her size 7-8 pack in primark for about £2. They were a bargain and a good shape for her.

QOD Mon 10-Aug-09 19:33:11

why not just buy bigger kids ones? My dd is in 12 to 13 now and then I think it is adults - ugh

Shitemum Tue 11-Aug-09 00:43:55

fluffy - i think she would never forgive me if i failed to find her some new knickers before the old ones disintegrate and fall off her! Will try Next, thanks

giggle - my sister has just recommended those very ones - will definitely check them out, do they fit well under winter tights I wonder...?

Meg - thanks, will look there too

QOD - that's what ive been doing but if they fit her widthways they tend to be droopy in the crotch and if they fit her in the crotch they are tight on the tops of her legs ...sigh...

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