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plz help me find a suitable double buggy!!!

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mama2b3 Sun 09-Aug-09 23:10:18

hi i am currently 21wks preg with dc3 i also have ds 8 months and dd age 3. am looking 4 a double buggy pram that is obviously going to need to be used 4 a good few years. so far i have considered the phil and teds, maclaren twin techno(i already have this from when dd1 wouldnt walk. but was bought 2nd hand and only in ok condition. dont really want to buy the same model again! although was a great double), and the mamas and papas twin pulse. i live 2 floors up which creates massive problems 4 me as i am going to have to bump the buggy up the stairs! does anyone have a double that they could recommend? also what is the p&t like to bounce up down steps?! also does anyone have the m&p and is it any good or can anyone recommend a buggy for me? thanks i really dont no where to start!! also would like a double that is easy to push one handed as i need a free hand for dd1 lol! mission impossible?!

christiana Sun 09-Aug-09 23:28:59

Message withdrawn

TamTam29 Wed 12-Aug-09 21:24:42

Yeah the nipper 360 has air filled wheels so great for bumping up stairs but doesnt fold down small enough for my fiesta.
I have a single mountain buggy which is similar. The double version is quite big but would also be great for you and with the mb you can have a carrycot for your newborn (i bought one of ebay for £20)you cant with the nipper 360.

The Jane power twin might also be good for the same reason (air filled tyres), i was lent one but didnt like it much as DS1 kept leaning out & i making buggy on verge of tipping.

I ended up with a baby jogger city mini which i LOVE but dont think it could manage your stairs, however there is a more "deluxe" version on their website which might manage it.

Does it need to go through internal doors also? as I dont think any of the side by side models (mac, BJ, 360, MB)would fit through domestic doors, although they are fine in shops. My friend has to undo one side of her double mac (with dc in it!) to get out her frontdoor)

I live on 1st floor & have a small plastic shed to keep my buggy in, I trained DS1 to manage stairs on his own for most of my pregnancy and he manages them well know.

sazm Wed 12-Aug-09 21:48:09

a powertwin would be a nightmare to get up and down the stairs,unless you left the front seat empty and put the lo in the front once you were downstairs,
another vote here for the p&t,

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