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a couple of questions about group 1 rear-facing seats

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thisisyesterday Sun 09-Aug-09 20:59:50

sorry, had a thread on this a while ago but have a couple more queries.

current situation:
have a volvo v70. just got it, not planning on changing it.

currently have across the back seat one highback booster, one group 1 seat and one infant carrier.

my questions are as follows:
can I fit a group one rearfacing seat in the middle of the back seat?

do you have 2 rearfacing seats next to each other and if so which one/s do you have?

Tangle Sun 09-Aug-09 21:46:05

I would call the ladies in Essex and ask their advice.

From my experience, a fair few of the RF Grp 1 seats use a support leg and so wouldn't be useable in the middle of the back seat as the transmission column would prevent correct fitting. However, not all of them have this requirement and you may well be able to find one that works and fits with your other 2.

Good luck

thisisyesterday Sun 09-Aug-09 22:09:50

yeh that's what i thought, had seen a few pics and lots had that leg, and then i have the additional problem of needing them to all fit across.

although i did see on that they reckon a rear-facing seat is as safe in the front as in the back as long as you have the airbag disabled so i supose that's an option too.

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