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mothercare urban detour

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moet Wed 25-May-05 17:08:27

has anyone got a mothercare urban detour travel system???

would you receomend them ????

misdee Wed 25-May-05 17:14:34

they are fantastic. very easy to steer, callaspe and lie pretty flat. brilliant, well worth it for the cash.

moet Wed 25-May-05 17:16:21

did u use it as a travel system or just as the pushchair?

mckenzie Wed 25-May-05 17:18:10

I have the basic pushchair, not the travel system. Fantastic. make sure you get the one with the swivel front wheel.

moozoboozo Wed 25-May-05 17:53:22

I wanted the giraffe print one, but dp wouldnt let me because he thought it might compromise his masculinity, and now I have been lumbered with a heavy bloody hunk of junk. I'm gonna show him this later.

moet Wed 25-May-05 17:58:27

moozoboozo - what did u end up getting?

vickiyumyum Wed 25-May-05 19:51:31

the urban detour are the best three wheeler travel systems ihtin that price range, i have a number of friends who have this buggy, in various different colours etc that all say how great a buggy it is, i would say thought hat if your budget stretches to it the mountain buggy urban is the best swivel wheeled three wheeer about and its just been launched in some really nice colours!

misdee Wed 25-May-05 20:00:06

i had it just as pushchair. it was one of the 1st urban detours they did in a lovely deep purple. they didnt do them as travel systems back then. the seats on them are massive!

cupcakes Wed 25-May-05 20:03:58

I have the swivel wheel pushchair. It's ok but...
the seat is too reclined and dd pulls herself forward on the bar all the time
the footbrake has got twisted and doesn't work very well anymore

I prefered my Boogie/XTS - especially because of the brake on the handlebar.

But the UD does have a wonderfully large basket and the raincover is good too.

moet Wed 25-May-05 20:05:28

i really like the look of them and think they seem really practical at a good price - dh doesn't think there bling enough

moozoboozo Fri 27-May-05 08:47:46

Moet - we got the Britax travel system. It's ok, but I would have preferred the UD one. Our one only just fits in the boot.

Cooperoo Fri 27-May-05 09:48:11

We had the Britax travel system too and I bought an Urban Detour second hand on ebay when dd was about 8 months old. It has been brilliant. So much easier to push etc. We have a Maclaren for the car though so I have never had to fold it down. I really recommend them for the price but also say get the swivel wheel. HTH.

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