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What's a good self-tanner for idiots?

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chipmonkey Wed 25-May-05 14:46:13

Am very pasty and white but every time I apply fake tan I go orange and/or streaky. Any good products out there?

loulabelle222 Wed 25-May-05 14:48:36

i love fake bake but i am not very pale. The best one i have heard recommended for pale skin is the palmer-cutler range . its is made my patsy palmer who used to be in eastenders. Sis uses it and always looks very natural and a lovely colour!

spykid Wed 25-May-05 14:53:02

see the thread on johnsons holiday body lotion

loulabelle222 Wed 25-May-05 14:54:07

o i forgot about that one ! that is fab and its a lot cheaper than most fake tans!

spykid Wed 25-May-05 14:54:20


girlpants Wed 25-May-05 15:02:09

I got so hooked on this thread that I went and spent £8.99 on ebay for 2 (not bad you may say) then realised it was for one then found out our local Asda has it in stock .Still shouldn't be suprised, I've only just realised that when you click "flip this thread" it takes you to the beginning........I've been scrolling down for ages!!!

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