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silver cross ventura vs maxi cosi cabrio

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sazm Sat 08-Aug-09 00:20:46

hi all,

my cousin is expecting her first baby in november,
she is buying a silvercros linear freeway,
we are buying her the carseat,
she isn't sure which carseat she should go for,so any opinions would be great.

i have a maxi-cosi cabrio and can't fault it at all,

the only thing is obv its handy if it fits on her chassis,

she has a 3 door honda civic so the maxi-cosi may be easier with the easybase?

any opinions welcome,

differentID Sat 08-Aug-09 00:44:26

I'd go for a Maxi-Cosi over a Silver X every time.
As the car is only a 3 door, the base is going to be so much better.

sazm Sat 08-Aug-09 01:21:38

thanks ID,that was my thinking,
only thing is if she was going shopping it would be good if she could use the carseat on the wheels,as the buggy will take up the whole boot!

i read the other day that the position of the silver cross means the babies head tends to fall forward?

differentID Sat 08-Aug-09 01:27:28

not particularly. I've never noticed that anyway in all the customers who have their little ones stuffed in the car seats all the time. If it's happening in the car, then that usually means the seat isn't fitted correctly.
The only brand i would not ever use for a newborn car seat is the MAmas and PApas Primo Viaggio. Far too upright.

sazm Sat 08-Aug-09 10:02:24

ok thanks,
also i noticed that which doesnt test silver cross seats?do you happen to know what sort of level of safety it has in comparison to the maxi-cosi?

thanks v much x

differentID Sat 08-Aug-09 10:32:57

I know that Maxi Cosi cabriofix is the safest on the market when used with isofix. Without it, the Creatis(for the Loola pram) is it's equal. Not sure where the Ventura comes in tbh, I'd say next would be the britax seats, because you can get isofix bases for those as well.
Which have tested the ventura plus, but I don't have an account so can't access the info.

GwarchodwrPlant Sat 08-Aug-09 10:36:59

I has a Silver Cross parm and car seat and found nothing wrong with them at all. The car seat fitted in perfectly snuggly and baby looked well supported and secure. You can actually tilt the car seat so baby is lying at different recline positions.

The only fault with it really was baby didn't stay in it after about 4 mths because he was a big baby- even though he hadn't even reached 9kg before his shoulders became to tall for the straps.

sazm Sat 08-Aug-09 12:58:51

ah ok,so maybe better getting the maxi-cosi though if its a bigger seat,

thanks all x

Not sure if you've made your mind up but just to confuse you, we had the Freeway Linear, a 3 door car and the Ventura car seat. Had no probs at all with the car seat. We did remove the head hugger thing quite early if I remember correctly, but DD was in the car seat till 9/10 months and fitted fine.
Your theory about the maxi cosi fitting on the base being better for the 3-dr car would prob be true. However as you say the pram itself does not fold that small and putting the chassis and pram body into the boot would leave very little room for shopping, if the 2 did fit in together. I drive a fiesta and could only fit the chassis in the boot, so everytime I went out, the body either went on the back seat next to DD, or I just used the car seat. I also didn't struggle to get the car seat fitted into the car, despite it being 3 dr. I actually found it easier to do facing the back of the car seat rather than in DH's 5-dr where I had to stretch over the car seat in order to strap it in.

Sorry you're prob cursing me completly now! Maybe worth going with your cousin to a baby shop and seeing what it's like getting the pram into the boot and how she finds putting both car seats into the car. Remembering every time you use the car seat it will get easier to do!

sazm Sun 09-Aug-09 20:41:34

lol no havent made mind up lol,
she can fit it all in the boot (with the parcel shelf out), but thought it would be handy for her if she could use the carseat on the wheels,

anyone know if the silvercross or the maxicosi needs the longer seatbelt,
i had my maxicosi in her car and it just fit in,

bluebump Sun 09-Aug-09 20:48:11

We have the Silver Cross car seat (& had the pram) and you do need a long seat belt. Well it fits in my Peugeot 106 but it doesn't fit in our old Ford Focus (DP's excuse to go get a new car!) - it was a 3 door though if that's any car is a 3 door too and it's fine. The only other car i've found it didn't fit in as the seatbelt was too short was a Toyota Hilux (sp?). We've used it in friends other cars Peugots, Skodas, Fiestas and it was all fine.

Champagneforlunch Sun 09-Aug-09 21:11:49

Don't know what the maxi cosi is like but the silver cross does seem to need a long seat belt and it only just fits in my sisters big citreon C5 (this is in the rear seats never tried front seat though) and we couldn't get it in the rear seats of a fiesta (although front seat was fine, old model so no airbag). Other than that never had a problem with head falling over and Dd seems pretty comfy, she sleeps well enough in it. As said befopre the head hugger doesn't look like it will last her much longer though.
Don't know if that helps, but I have also been stuck as to whether to get a maxi cosi instead (have a bugaboo pram which I use but the carseat from a silvercross travel system that I don't use yet), the silvercross seems fine and I don't really need another carseat, the only thing is there are times when I miss being able to just stick the carseat on the wheels for short trips.

differentID Sun 09-Aug-09 21:18:53

Silver Cross needs a longer seatbelt.

sazm Sun 09-Aug-09 21:35:15

ok,so the silvercross prob wont fit then as the seatbelt JUST went round the maxicosi,

ok think mind is made up lol,will need to talk to her obv lol,but i would say we are going for the maxi-cosi and easybase,

thanks all,

GwarchodwrPlant Sun 09-Aug-09 21:48:36

The silver cross did fit in my car and it was a ford focus so for some reason it doesn't apply to all focus's!

suiledonn Sun 09-Aug-09 21:57:08

I have the Silver Cross Ventura in a Vauxhall Corsa and seat belt is fine. Also used to use it in a tiny 3 door Seat Arosa with no problems. It is very easy to fit and is very comfortable.
I am having the same problem as someone else mentioned though. DD2 is nearly 9 months and height & weight she is still fits the seat but the straps seem to be positioned quiet low and have started to slip off her shoulders.

sazm Sun 09-Aug-09 22:09:23

cheers all,
think it will need to be the maxicosi as the seatbelt is just long enough for the maxicosi so prob wont go round the silvercross,

thanks all xx

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