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Chicco Caddy Knapsack - Race - anyone got one?

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DebInAustria Fri 07-Aug-09 21:56:34

It looks OK for the price £37.98 at Amazon/Kiddicare but they won't send to Austria so the question is, if you have one what are the dimensions of the box it comes in? And what's it like? I won't be doing day hikes, just short walks in the mountains where I can't get the 3 wheeler. Thanks

mejon Sat 08-Aug-09 09:54:35

We had one but found that we hardly used it so I sold it on Ebay (for almost as much as I'd paid for it - yay!). It was fine if there are two of you - i.e. one to lift it onto the other's back when DC is in it. I tried it by myself once without much success. DD was quite comfortable in it and the shade was handy. From memory the box was quite large as it comes as a fully assembled unit and the frame is big though it isn't particularly heavy.

DebInAustria Sat 08-Aug-09 20:27:15

Thanks Mejon

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