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john lewis are driving me mad

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tatt Wed 25-May-05 10:25:08

I keep getting messages saying the digital camera I want is in stock but the website says it isn't. I rand once to be told the e-mails were an error. Now I am told they now have some in the warehouse but no I can't order on the phone, I have to keep checking the website . If I hadn't been given John Lewis vouchers I would be going elsewhere. Anyone else driven mad by John Lewis?

jampots Wed 25-May-05 10:27:26

sort of. We bought a dishwasher from there a couple of weeks ago and it was supposed to have the new adjustable baskets but it came with regular ones. I rang and they were getting someone to call me back with a collection time. A week later I had to ring again. Now have to wait until end of June!!

tatt Wed 25-May-05 10:42:02

they still haven't updated the website. Feel a very strongly worded e-mail to customer services coming on

bundle Wed 25-May-05 10:43:17

i have only had good experiences with jl, including: just half an hour after i ordered a trampoline online the warehouse people phoned me on my mobile to arrange delivery date to suit me. hope you get some joy

slartibardfast Wed 25-May-05 12:06:45

Well, they usually have a really good complaints department. Is that a recommendation? :-)

They're just more bureaucratic than your average shop. Many years ago I was sufficiently irritated with them about a microwave that I recorded all the telephone conversations as evidence of poor service: one highlight: "We are centrally bought, you know".

Latest encounter was about a hifi thingy (hi-ishfi anyway) with digital radio - chose the model from those displayed - none in stock - hung about for a month while they ordered it - avoided buying (cheaper) from the internet - collected - unpacked at home - it had a noisy fan - repacked - took it back - shop display model didn't have a fan - had another of same model - at home, another noisy fan - took that back - money back this time - researched other shops - returned to jl to buy a different model - which is fine.

On balance they are worth the effort - but it's just not always a pain-free experience.

Or you could take the vouchers and sell on ebay

tatt Wed 25-May-05 12:11:57

I'm an e-bay virgin and I wouldn't get full price for them, would I? I've sent another e-mail to customer services, think I'll do one every time I check their bleeping website.

anchovies Wed 25-May-05 12:13:36

I used to work for JL customer service and all I can say is it is well worth complaining!

slartibardfast Wed 25-May-05 12:19:43

"I wouldn't get full price for them, would I?" No, and there's the hassle as well.

There's always the Waitrose option - do your week's shopping there for once (if you have one in or near the main jl shop). OK if you like their upmarked range of food: my benchmark is the Muller corner youghurt - 37p in Sainsbury - 43p in Waitrose. But with either option you can't show your new acquisition to Auntie Nellie (or whoever gave the vouchers).

Ho Hummm, Good Luck with the jl complaints department, then :-)

tatt Wed 25-May-05 12:21:00

abnchovies maybe you're the one slartibardfast thought was good and now you're not there its gone downhill

anchovies Wed 25-May-05 12:42:12

Stick with the complaints, the longer it takes them to sort the more worthwhile it will be in the end.

Although I do like to think it was me who made the difference

tatt Wed 25-May-05 14:13:08

I'm just getting stock messages back - its definitely gone downhill

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