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Phone number for Bugaboo

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Benjy Thu 06-Aug-09 09:00:04

Does anyone know the phone number for Bugaboo? I have a faulty part I need a replacement for but I can't find a phone number on the website.

tattybojangles Thu 06-Aug-09 09:02:08

We had the same problem, no phone number so had to email them which took AGES! eventually they sent us the part though. which part is it?

kellyatbabyguds Thu 06-Aug-09 10:06:19

Hi the number is 020 7385 5338 hope that helps if not let me know and i'll try to help you direct

posieparkerinChina Thu 06-Aug-09 10:11:46

Mmmm, I had a very helpful (but slow) email from them regarding the popping off of the wheelyboard attachment, it fell off when we were shopping and they were going to replace it for free. However I lost the email and the last email asked me to pay angry. Now that I'm abroad in a country they barely use pushchairs the handle is slipping and extending when I go up and down steps, just on one side!! Bloody dangerous. So I must save this thread for the number!

Benjy Thu 06-Aug-09 12:17:31

Kelly, thanks very much.

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