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Scooter for small 5yo that folds easily?

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accessorizequeen Wed 05-Aug-09 20:28:40

I bought ds1 (5.8) a Ozzbozz scooter 2 weeks ago with flashing lights. Twas v.big for him, dp had to drill another hole on the handle. And it's so big I could hardly fit it under the (double) buggy and v.v.hard to fold. It was stolen last week from the back of our house angry so now I have to buy another.

Is is possible to buy a blue scooter with flashing lights for him that is smaller and folds down easily? I only spent £16 on the Ozbozz one and don't want to spend too much on yet another! I might be able to say no I could only buy a blue one without flashing lights but tbh thought they were quite useful when we're coming home from school in winter.

Any ideas?

accessorizequeen Wed 05-Aug-09 20:29:47

This is the one I bought that's too big and hard to fold.

sazm Wed 05-Aug-09 22:15:16

we have the ozzbozz one with the blue flashing lights (the 3 wheeled one)
the handle goes down really low ( my 3yo also has one) and folds down small,i can fit 2 in the shopping basket of my lo's pram,
we got ours from argos

mum2samandalex Wed 05-Aug-09 23:16:59

I was thinking of buying the same for my ds with the same idea in mind. I saw one in ELC toaday for £25 with blue flashing lights and its meant to fold, 3 wheels i think. It was up high on the shelf which was no bloody use for me as i couldnt get a good look at it but think it has good reviews in their website

sazm Thu 06-Aug-09 10:54:20

i think they are all much the same size when folded tbh,as the all fold them same way,

this is the one we bought:


they also do the 2 wheeled basic ones,with no lights for £9.99 or you can get 2 for £15 (we done that last yr and gave them as presents)

accessorizequeen Thu 06-Aug-09 19:37:48

thanks sazm, I guess I'm just put off ozbozz as the first one was so hard to fold! His bf has one that's much smaller, I wanted one like that really but can't seem to find it. Have arranged with ds1 that blue is essential but I could add something flashing!

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