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anyone got a pliko pramette? opinions please...

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Joseyjo Tue 24-May-05 17:23:46

i am looking for a pram that i can have the baby facing me - preferably without having to spend an extra 100 quid on a hard based carrycot thing. i also need a light one as i know i will be having a cs.
pls give opinions on the pliko and also if anyone knows whether you can attach a buggy board that would be great.

Hazellnut Tue 24-May-05 20:19:42

I've got a pliko pramette and it is great ! I also had a cs and didn't find it a problem - maybe lifting in and out of car at the beginning but then as you can't drive anyway there's someone else around to do it. My dd was v. small so the pram bit was great - we had it round that way till dd was about 13/14 weeks (she's only 17 weeks now but I can't remember !). She would have still fitted no probs in the pram but she wanted to see the world herself.

Having said all of this, we are now thinking of getting a light weight stroller as well. Not so much because of the weight but the pramette does take up quite a lot of room in the boot of the car and we have a biggish car. Although I know people who have them with little cars. I don't regret buying the pramette though and think it may come in useful in the winter as its cosy even in pushchair mode. Also, we think if we get a light weight buggy too the pramette will still be in good condition if (!) we have any more.

As for the buggyboard, I have a friend who has one attached to the normal pliko (not pramette) so presume you can ok. I bought my pramette from winstanley's pramworld with £50 off M&P price. They are v. helpful if you ring or email so they would be able to tell you.

Blimey have written an essay so will go now !

Hazellnut Tue 24-May-05 20:20:52

Sorry - more to add but not much - just thought I would add that with lifting it in and out of the car, I drove after 4 weeks and didn't find it a problem by then. Thats it now.. honest

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