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Desperately seeking White Company stripey monkey!

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MuddledMum Tue 04-Aug-09 14:12:31

Please help Mumsnetters!

I have managed to lose my two year old son's beloved Little White Company stripey monkey! It was bought for him on the day he was born by my Father so needless to say there have been tears all round. Of all his umpteen teddies I could lose this is officially the worst and to make matters more unbearable it's has now been discontinued by Little White Company and is not available anywhere!

It was bought in 2007 and was called either 'Morris Monkey' or 'Jack Stripes Monkey' depending on the catalogue. It is red, white and blue stripes, knitted with long legs and arms and a long tail. Please, please let me know if any of you lovely ladies (or menfolk too) have one that you are less attached to and would be happy to sell. Or if any of you know of a Private Investigators for missing Teddies who could help me track one down. It would make one little boy and an old man very happy if I could replace it (and would make my life a whole lot more bearable too!!!!)

Sulieman Mon 11-Jul-11 11:32:59

Did you ever track one down? I'm also in need of one

RubyandGINGER Wed 13-Jul-11 19:46:26

There is a company called Teddies from Heaven (you can find them on facebook) who try and track down teddies that get lost. Hope they can help

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