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Tell me about Ergos

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BertieBotts Tue 04-Aug-09 12:12:27

Should I buy new or second hand? Good place to buy from?

Am I right in thinking there is a classic and a new gen version? Is it worth the extra for the new gen?

Also, I tried a Wilkinet and hated it, possibly because I also use a wrap. I didn't like the feeling that DS could lean out backwards if he is on my back. Is there anything to stop them falling out if they do the "board" thing? He quite often does this if he suddenly decides he wants to get out and I don't take him down right that second. (Obviously not possible!)

The wilkinet also seemed to put all the weight on my shoulders. I have heard the Ergo doesn't do this. Is it comfortable to wear? DS is 10 months now but I want to use it for the next couple of years.

Finally, any other suggestions? I have got a woven wrap but I need something really quick and easy to put on my back and also something DH will use.

belgo Tue 04-Aug-09 12:20:47

I've found the ergo very comfortable, I carreid dd2 in it until she was two and a half and I was pregnant. There is a hood that you can use to hold up the child's head when they are asleep, it has straps so you can use it when the child is on your back.

Have you tried BigMama Slings? They gave me good advice. There are also another couple of slings similar to the ergo - Mei Tai, and another one I've forgotton the name of.

belgo Tue 04-Aug-09 12:32:05

I've heard this one is good.

CMOTdibbler Tue 04-Aug-09 12:35:04

I had an Ergo - and really didn't like it. If you want something with structured straps, then a Connecta seems to be good, but I really like MeiTais - the Babyhawk is good.

I'm still carrying my large 3 year old in a toddler meitai, so can vouch for comfort

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Tue 04-Aug-09 12:40:48

I loved my ego really wish I hadn't sold it on. I carried (a large) dd 18months for hours hill climbing once.
Big mama slings are good and if I remember correctly she does sling hire.
I second mei tai like the Babyhawk although I had one and couldn't get it comfortable as much as I wanted to love that one I just couldn't have used various Meu Tais over the years though and loved most of them.

pleasechange Tue 04-Aug-09 12:49:47

I love my ergo - very comfy and easy to use

I had a mei tei babyhawk but sold it as it hurt my back. The ergo carries more the weight on your hips, and the straps are wider and more padded which makes it easier on your back. Also couldn't be doing with the faff of tying the straps on the mei tei

missusp Tue 04-Aug-09 13:12:52

I love my ergo. It is fantastic because i carry my 18m DD around without straining shoulders at all. The waist band is v comfy and seems to hold most of her weight.
Only regret is that i would have prefered something more colourful and the rose and rebellion carrier looks more original.

Tangle Tue 04-Aug-09 15:08:26

I tried an Ergo and didn't get on with it - found it rubbed under my arms (although that was when trying to carry 3mth old DD on my front, might have been better on my back).

Personally I'm a wrap/MT girl, but its really finding what works for you - even within MTs the variation in strap lenght, width, padding, angle... means you really need to try a brand on before you can say whether or not it will be comfortable for you and your child with any confidence. SSCs (ie things with buckles ) do tend to be more DH friendly - but again its finding the one that works for you.

Can you get to a That would give you a chance to try a selection of carriers for a minimal, if any, cost. Otherwise, would you consider 2nd hand? Natural Mamas and UKbabywearingSWAP are both good for picking up pre-loved slings, and if it doesn't work you can sell it back on . has an incredibly active for sale or trade board, but most of its in US$ so not so much of a bargain at the moment - they do have reviews of most slings and carriers, though, that you might find useful.

Good luck

Tangle Tue 04-Aug-09 15:11:26

blush just reread your 1st line...

I've got 3 slings I use regularly at the moment and they're all 2nd hand. I'd go that route for now (most ads will give a good indication of any wear and/or staining but many are in excellent condition) and then, once you've worked our what your dream carrier is, maybe treat yourself to a brand new one with whatever customisation you fancy. You'll have a much bigger range to sample at a much more reasonable cost

niche Tue 04-Aug-09 18:31:25

I have a Patapum, seemed almost identical to another MN's ergo when I compared them except for hood part. Patapum is cheaper, also the hood on patapum is a mesh panel so easier to see baby esp when on your back and I could put hood up by myself as straps easily adjustable, where Ergo mum had to ask for help, but that could have just been her blush. Planning to get a toddler size one when funds allow.

I have a Connecta, but they don't come with hood as standard and when ds3 falls asleep it's a nightmare, also awful for front carry, keeps falling off my shoulders without extra strap added, but not easy to add a strap on your back by yourself. Looks pretty and if he's awake it's very comfy for back carries.

I also have a BH Mei Tai which I find really comfy and custom made so love the pattern but not so practical for putting on and off loads when out and about in the rain or in and out of car. Works wonders on our forest hikes though.

thisisyesterday Tue 04-Aug-09 18:33:45

but isn't that half the reason why the patapum is cheaper? an ergo will last, whereas the patapum you need 2, baby one and toddler one

thisisyesterday Tue 04-Aug-09 18:36:20

i prefer to use a wrap or a mei tai. but it's def worth trying some out first.

i didn;t get on with my babyhawk for ds2. but LOVE it iwth ds3 and have just ordered a custom toddlerhawk too :D

love my cwtshi too. and they're all so9 easy to use.

the problem with mei tais though is that if you cross the straps you end up with that boob problem, and if you rucksack it then it makes your shoulders ache sooner.
a good wrap avoids that problem and is comfier for longer

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Tue 04-Aug-09 20:33:09

Yes an ergo will last but still not suitable from bith and I never found it great for littlie babies always better when they are a bit bigger and easier to handle.
I got very used to the mei tai and could fling it on and off no bother and used them from tiny never had too much problem with shoulder ache in a rucksack carry maily if I hadn't used it for a bit and was out the habit but my gos it's not attractive in a crossover, seperates your boobs in odd directions then shoves any unforgiving tummy into a pushed out flabby triangle.....really selling it to you aint I?? grin
Never been brave enough to try a wrap but we are talking about ttc soon so fancying a nice stretchy wrap then.

CMOTdibbler Tue 04-Aug-09 21:13:55

thisisyesterday - have you tried a tibetan tie ? You tie above your boobs, so no issue there, and it spreads the weight over your chest nicely too.

newlark Tue 04-Aug-09 22:04:30

I found the toddler patapum better than the ergo as the back comes up higher so holds them better - they are cheaper too .

I do find that if I tie it well a mei-tai is more comfortable though. I use the patapum if ds/dd is going to be up and down a fair bit - particularly if raining and I don't want straps/a wrap dangling on the ground...

thisisyesterday Wed 05-Aug-09 14:34:35

i can't tibetan my mei tais, i don';t hink the straps are long enough,. def not in the cwtshi anyway.

the ergo is suitable from newborn with the insert isn't it?

niche Sun 09-Aug-09 22:26:20

I didn't find any size difference when comparing patapum against ergo. I can carry my heavier dcs in the patapum so weight isn't much of an issue, it's length that's the a problem I find. Ds3 is a wriggly backwards bending baby and I worry about his safety when throwing a wobbly, Ergo would make no difference to this as body is about the same length.

snickersnack Sun 09-Aug-09 22:36:08

I love our Ergo - still carry my chunky 2 year old in it. I found that until v recently when he learned to climb on and hold on I struggled to put it on without someone to help but it's manageable if you sit them on a sofa and reverse back towards them.

anniemac Mon 10-Aug-09 11:35:35

Message withdrawn

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