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Loo seats

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redhotredhead Tue 04-Aug-09 08:19:46

Is it just me or does anyone es;se go through loo seats at a rate of knots? I have a DH and 2 little boys so ours does get a fair amount of wear and tear but I swear I have replaced the loo seat at least once a year for the last 3 years, sometimes they have only lasted six months. I have always gone for the ones with metal hinges (steel, chrome - not sure?) thinking they would be harder wearing but the same thing always happens - sooner or later one or both of the hinges just shears in half rendering the seat unuseable and un fixable. So your best loo seat recomendations please!

purepurple Tue 04-Aug-09 08:43:57

I have no advice to give but a doom-laden 'it doesn't get any better'.
Sorry, but it is better that you know now, than live in the false hope that it might all improve one day.
I have a fab bathroom, only a few years old
except I can't shut the door as DS has knackeered the door handle and I have to wedge the door shut with my dressing gown when I use the loo.
DH smashed the shower screen one drunken night, only a few months after it was installed, falling onto it. He blamed the antibiotics.
And on saturday, I got back from holiday to find that DS had smashed the toilet seat. Apparently, he slipped and hit it with his head hmm

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