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Range cookers

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cod Tue 24-May-05 13:11:01

Message withdrawn

cod Tue 24-May-05 13:12:16

Message withdrawn

desperatehousewife Tue 24-May-05 13:14:04

yes and yes would definately recommend one. We have a Baumatic stainless stell 5 ring, double oven (it's more like 1.5 oven - one big one and one small one) Ended up getting it in Currys I think. check out Kelkoo.

cod Tue 24-May-05 13:14:38

Message withdrawn

lima Tue 24-May-05 13:15:21

cod you can't just turn up again and ask for advice - you need to earn your keep by starting some humourous threads first

lima Tue 24-May-05 13:16:31

BTW my mate hates her stainless steel range as the cleaner cleaned it with an abrasive cleaner - swirly marks everywhere

NomDePlume Tue 24-May-05 13:16:41

My Mum has an amazing one, 6 ring with integral griddle and hotplate, double oven, grill etc etc. I think it cost her about £4k, it's a NEFF one. Fantastic but the stainless steel is a bugger for finger marks and my Mum doesn't have 3 little boys marauding

cod Tue 24-May-05 13:16:52

Message withdrawn

desperatehousewife Tue 24-May-05 13:17:11

finger stains? What?! What sort of finger stains?

Can't believe I am telling someone this....stainless steel cleans fantastically with an E-Cloth (selfidges or lakeland sell them). You clean with one cloth (only need water) and buff with another. Comes up booootiful!

gingerbear Tue 24-May-05 13:18:11

pinkroses was selling hers (liverpool) for £85

soapbox Tue 24-May-05 13:18:19

We've got one of these

Ours is more or less the same as the pink one on hte home page, but is not pink! Ours also has a grill and third oven on teh LHS rather than the warming drawer at teh bottom. We've got dual fuel, gas hob, one gas oven, one electric oven and one elctric grill/oven.

The plate warming drawer is fantastic - so much so that our dinner plates get put straight in there from the dishwasher!

The big central gas ring is great too as you can heat up a big pasta pan of water in no time

You need a bl**dy good extractor fan to cope with the heat output though - they are pretty powerful!

NomDePlume Tue 24-May-05 13:18:28

My mum uses baby-oil. Only need a tiny bit though. I'll tell her about the cloth thingy desperatehosewife

Flum Tue 24-May-05 13:18:29

a woman on wife swap had one and she smoothed baby oil over it before going to bed to keep it shiny and sparkling.

are you gonna do that?

gingerbear Tue 24-May-05 13:19:30

soapbox, that is HUGE! Are you cooking for the 5th Batallion?

cod Tue 24-May-05 13:19:33

Message withdrawn

cod Tue 24-May-05 13:19:53

Message withdrawn

cod Tue 24-May-05 13:21:21

Message withdrawn

soapbox Tue 24-May-05 13:21:44

gb - you should look at some of them!!!

Mine is a mini compared to the really serious ones on there!!!

Christmas is a doddle in my house

soapbox Tue 24-May-05 13:22:43

Cod - mine is brushed stainless steel finish.

cod Tue 24-May-05 13:22:57

Message withdrawn

lemonice Tue 24-May-05 13:24:18

Have had two, one a Smeg which I liked but oven was quite noisy and since that another which was a make beginning with E(lba?) from Currry's which was cheap and worked well but expensive to run and burnt out electric at two years (think our power canle was underrrated)

We are now in the long process of new kitchen and have bought bu Bosch dble oven and hob, which I already like better although kithcne isn't yet finished

NomDePlume Tue 24-May-05 13:24:21

My mums is brushed too, which does help with the fingerprints thing

soapbox Tue 24-May-05 13:25:18

... and you don't get the fingerprint problem - do I have to spell it out for you - can't you make the logic leap

cod Tue 24-May-05 13:25:57

Message withdrawn

desperatehousewife Tue 24-May-05 13:27:20

yes mine is brushed. Either that or I got overexcited with a brillo pad.

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