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another sling query

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chaya5738 Mon 03-Aug-09 12:12:41

Hi everyone

I desperately need a sling that is easy to put on and keeps my newborn close to me so that I can do housework while she sleeps etc.

I have a Moby but find it really difficult to put on and once I take her out of it it I have to retie it all again.

Can anyone recommend a more user-friendly slin/carrier (I am leaning towards a Mei Tai or perhaps a ring sling that is simplier...)? Or alternatively, does anyone have experience with the Moby and can tell me to keep trying with it.

Thanks so much!

Umlellala Mon 03-Aug-09 21:42:53

I used one of these - cheap and cheerful pouch sling til ds was about 4 months, then put him in the Ergo. Still carry him in the Ergo, is amazing. Think I would have had him longer in the pouch but he was an absolutely enormous baby!

Pouch was fab, easy and comfy. Could even breastfeed ds in it, while pushing dd in the pushchair!!

Tangle Mon 03-Aug-09 22:20:57

I had a Hug-a-bub (similar to a Moby) and used it a lot when DD was little (3 to 7 months, when she got too big and I got something heavier duty). There was a bit of a learning curve to tieing it right, but I found it very comfy once I got the hang of it - trouble is trying to diagnose problems without being able to see what's happening is really tricky.

Can you get to a It would give you a chance to meet ladies that could give you hands on support and help you work out whether the Moby is right for you a the moment, and you'd probably also be able to try our a RS and/or MT and see how you get on with a minimal financial outlay.

Good luck

chaya5738 Tue 04-Aug-09 21:05:55

Thanks everyone. The Freedom Sling looks great. Will also check out a slingmeet!

Umlellala Tue 04-Aug-09 21:30:01

I did love it and was very funky (leant it to someone so will prob have to buy another if we have another smile)...

Hang on though, you want the sling so you can do housework. Isn't that the main reason for having a newborn so you can watch telly and get everyone to make you tea because 'oh, sorry, the baby is asleep on me'? wink

chaya5738 Wed 05-Aug-09 11:56:04

Thanks Umlellala!

I went online to buy one but it seems that there is only one size. Is that correct? I thought with pouch slings you had to get the right size for your body...

pseudoname Wed 05-Aug-09 11:57:58

I think Freedom Slings are adjustable. no?

Umlellala Wed 05-Aug-09 12:16:43

No, there are several sizes (if in doubt, go smaller IMO). You might need to mention the size in an email?

Freedom ring slings are adjustable.

chaya5738 Wed 05-Aug-09 12:51:02

Thanks everyone. Have bought a Freedom pouch sling and eagerly await being able to type emails with two hands!

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