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bathroom flooring

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thisisyesterday Sun 02-Aug-09 20:07:34

what do u have? do u love it?

sorry brief- nak!

thisisyesterday Sun 02-Aug-09 20:53:46

ok, ds3 asleep nw can type properly.

need to replace bathroom flooring and just can't decide!!!
what do you all have? pros and cons? have googled to death and just can't decide

Loopymumsy Sun 02-Aug-09 22:30:07

Message withdrawn

Mybox Sun 02-Aug-09 22:51:49

Have wood that is filled between the planks & varnished. Easy to clean & feels nice under the feet.

forkhandles Sun 02-Aug-09 22:57:34

when we moved in we had carpet <heave> and now we have sandy/natural coloured floor tiles from B&Q which are great. I was worried that they would feel too cold underfoot but they don't. The only thing I have to watch is that the floor gets quite slippery if they get too wet, but it's not too much of a problem.

thisisyesterday Sun 02-Aug-09 22:59:51

hehe yeah we have carpet atm too, and it's manky.

what i really want is rubber floor, but no local suppliers to fit it and i think it's a bit expensive.

have been looking at bamboo actually as it apparently copes better with the humidity than wood floors

or should i just go for some vinyl flooring? am getting some carpet fitted soon anyway so could get them to do that at the same time?

hmmm decisions decisions. am off to look at this amtico now!

thisisyesterday Sun 02-Aug-09 23:00:39

loopymumsy... did you buy the flooring and then find someone to lay it? or did you do it yourself?

Loopymumsy Mon 03-Aug-09 07:27:08

Message withdrawn

sazm Mon 03-Aug-09 10:19:57

we have white wood effect vinyl (just got it last week) and i love it,

we have tiles in the kitchen and i hate them,when we come in the back door,its SO slippy if our feet are even slightly damp,i wouldnt put shiny tiles on the bathroom floor,

my sister has just done her bathroom,and she put shiny ceramic tiles down, they LOOK gorgeous,
BUT she says its a nightmare getting them to shine(without being streaky) and she changed the white grout they were laid with to dark grey as the white got all marked,and they are slippy,

thisisyesterday Mon 03-Aug-09 14:22:50

hmm well i think i might get someone to do whatever we choose, it's a tiny space so hopefully won't cost much.

what i can't decide is whether to go for what i love, or to go for the inexpensive option. this is def not our forever house so will be movingin the nedt 5 years. so i guess i should go for cheap and practical (ie vinyl) rather than beautiful bamboo, rubber or marmoleum click tiles. hmmmmm

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