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toddler beds??

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fairimum Sat 01-Aug-09 22:54:06

help.... DD is only 14 months and caught her with her leg over side of cot a number of times trying to escape... grobag essential now! Fingers crossed she stays put a few more months!!

BUT what did you do? would you recommend it? I don't mind getting a toddler bed as planning on TTC at the end of the year so would get 2 lots of use out of it, can't take side off her cot sadly.

Any one got the extending one from Ikea? is it worth it? does it rally make any difference? where do you put 'extra' duvet as wouldnt it be too long?

If she was older would just get a standard single i think - not sure.

Any advice at all greatly appreciated!
thanks so much

FluffyBunnyGoneBad Sat 01-Aug-09 22:57:51

I brought ds one from Argos. It doesn't extend, he used it for a few years until I got sick of picking him up off the floor as he'd roll off the bed 3 times a night. It was useful though as it was really low. It would take cotbed sheets, I used the extra quilt to make a foot snug at the bottom, I folded it over and he put his feet inside.

fairimum Sun 02-Aug-09 16:16:21

Any other thoughts greatly appreciated!

sazm Sun 02-Aug-09 17:58:31

we had the little tykes car bed for ds,we put him in about 16 months(he was very steady on his feet mind)
he loved it,
how much space do you have in the bedroom?

will the kids be sharing a room?

if they were,i would buy a toddler bed just now,then when baby is ready for a bed buy a more grown up single bed for your dd,or a set of bunkbeds,
then again,if you dont plan to get bunkbeds/have a decent size room,you might be better getting a single just now and then you wont have to get another,

fairimum Sun 02-Aug-09 18:04:57

Thanks so much!

We have a reasonable sized room but (unless we move, which is unlikely at the moment) the kids will probably share - My mum has a single with a bed under it but it is much much higher than a normal single that we can have in about 12/18 months time (brother using it at the moment) if we need it, although will need new matress!

Just watching a couple of toddler beds on ebay at the moment, so if can get a bargin 'think' we will do that - not desperate now as hoping she won't escape just yet, so got some time to keep an eye on ebay... I hope!


sazm Sun 02-Aug-09 21:22:06

lol,argos have some nice ones too,

we got our little tykes one at a carboot (MAJOR bargain) and ds LOVED it!

fairimum Mon 03-Aug-09 13:27:29

Well got a bargin toddler bed on ebay£4.50!! and just up the road... BUT I don't want her in it yet, any other tips on keeping her in the cot a bit longer?? just this morning she was hauling herself up by her arms...

sazm Mon 03-Aug-09 13:56:49

lol,WOT a bargain!thats great,

our ds stayed in his cot no probs,we just put him in a bed because we had it there,

dd was another story lol, she didnt walk until 15m,as soon as she walked she climbed,she would not stay in the cot,
she climbed out a couple of days after she started walking! i ended up putting the dropside down and putting a big blanket on the floor so she wouldnt hurt herself,and a stairgate on her room door,every morning i got up and she was playing with her toys!!

have you tried putting her fav toys at the bottom of her cot (maybe while she is sleeping) then when she wakes up she might play long enough for you to go in and get her?also do you have a monitor so you can hear soon as she wakes?

PortAndLemon Mon 03-Aug-09 14:06:19

We have the extending Minnen bed from Ikea. We did originally put DS in the Little Tykes car bed (picked one up second hand from eBay) but while he loved it as an object he didn't like it as a bed hmm. The Minnen works well; I got him a smaller size duvet and some covers for it. We'll probably have another go with the Little Tykes bed in a few months when DD is ready to move out of her cot and see whether it's more successful this time round...

fairimum Mon 03-Aug-09 15:21:00

Thanks - have a monitor just can't get there quick enough! Tried the toys but she isnt interested! Will try more exciting toys

kellyatbabyguds Mon 03-Aug-09 16:16:35

I had this problem with my ds and he was constantly jumping from the end of the cot and finished up with numerous bumps and bruises. In the end we changed to a toddler bed at 14m as we would rather he climb out himself than keep diving and he was fine we never had any problems after that!

ilovegrapenuts Tue 04-Aug-09 20:24:06

PortAndLemon - what are the different lengths for your IKEA Minnen extedable bed? Want to know the 'middle' one - doesn't say on website.I know you buy a special mattress with extra sections to add - how comfortable do you think it is when you've added extra sections - hopefully you can't feel the 'join'.

PortAndLemon Wed 05-Aug-09 17:32:52

We've still got it on the smallest length, so I'll have to go and have a quick measure later. My mother has it in the bedroom she uses for any visiting grandchildren and has it on the middle length for my niece, and the section mattress seems to work fine for that. I'd put the joins at the foot end, though.

AcademicMum Wed 05-Aug-09 20:07:28

We have an IKEA extendable bed for ds1. On its shortest length we used a "toddler" sized duvet with it. We are only just having to extend it to the middle length now and he's a pretty tall 4 year old!

BTW grobags don't always act as a deterrent to stop them leaving the cot though, ds1 just used to throw himself head-first over the side! So, I guess it depends how determined they are to get out grin.

ilovegrapenuts Sat 08-Aug-09 14:15:43

PortandLemon or AcademicMum - I'd be grateful if you could measure the 'middle' length of your IKEA extendable bed for me. TIA

PortAndLemon Mon 10-Aug-09 13:05:01

I will have a look later...

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